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Order Status Descriptions


Saved orders are not yet live for the writers to work on. In a saved state you can make updates to your order instructions and modify any extra details. When you’re ready to place your order simply click on the place button and it will instantly become available to your selected writers.


When an order is in the status of “Placed”, it is available to be picked up by qualified writers. 

Being Written

Once an order has been picked up by a writer it will have a status of “Being Written”, this means that the order is now in progress and will be delivered to you within the processing time on your order. 

Orders under 500 words have a default turn around time of 24 hours.


When the writer has completed your order and it will become ready for you to review in your account. All orders marked as “Ready” must be reviewed before the auto-accept period. The default auto-accept time on all accounts is 3 calendar days.  

If everything looks good with your order, you can now rate and accept your content. 

If any changes are needed, the order can be sent back to the writer through a revision request.


Once an order has been marked as “Complete” no more revision requests can be made, and the content is now yours to downloaded. There is also the ability to push the content through to one of our integrated apps. 


All rejection requests will be reviewed by a member of our internal team before a rejection is approved. While your order is marked as Waiting our team is reviewing your reasoning for rejecting the content and will be getting in touch with you to discuss further. 


If the content received was not what you were looking for, you have the option to either request a revision from the writer or reject the content. 

Rejecting an order without going through any revisions is possible but you will pay 30% of the original order cost. Alternatively, you can submit unlimited revisions to your writer until the content is to your satisfaction. If after multiple revisions the content still doesn’t meet your requirements, you can request to reject your content and receive a full refund. 

If your rejection request has been approved the order will say “Rejection Granted” next to it. 

Updated on December 18, 2020

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