How to Use YouTube as a Free Promotional Tool

If you are looking for a great way to create free advertising for your brand or project, consider using YouTube as a promotional tool.

Everyone knows the power of YouTube, but you may not know all of the ways you can promote content using YouTube.

Below are 5 of the best tips I’ve come across that will help you increase your sales and conversions by using YouTube as a free brand evangelist to get your message to the masses.

  1. Create an animated explainer video. There are some online platforms that allow you to create your very own explainer video in a matter of minutes. is one of these sites.On this platform, you can create an original explainer video using cute animated characters who move, talk, and use props, all of which are readily accessible on the platform. The basic subscription is free. If you want to save your creations, have access to more props and backgrounds, or want HD functionality, it will cost you $39-$79 per month, depending on the package you choose.
  2. Start an instructional video series. When you give customers something free, they will often repay you by purchasing from you later on. You could start a video series on YouTube with new installments each week that address the topics your customers want to learn about.
  3. Use keywords in the description of your YouTube videos to drive traffic on Google. This will increase your search results for primary key words in the search engines. But remember to choose relevant key words and maintain good high-quality content that Google will reward.
  4. Remember to keep your video to around 2.7 minutes when possible. This is the average attention span of people who tune into videos on the web.
  5. Make it something others will want to share. Remember the key to using YouTube as a promotional tool is to create the desire to purchase. With that as an end goal, create content that others will want to share, by making it funny, extraordinary, or evocative.

You can use YouTube to promote anything. Just think about the message you want to send and say it with video. Make it interesting, valuable, and worth sharing. Use keywords in your descriptions and keep it short.

YouTube’s powerful tools will do the rest and you, and best of all, you don’t have to pay a cent!


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Lynne Futura is a well-established writer with three college degrees, one in Radio-TV/Mass Communications and the other in Education and Psychology. She has her own internet radio station and technology/media content business. She guarantees top quality in every article she writes through Crowd Content and is a stellar writer.

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