The Secret to Brand Success on YouTube

As video marketing continues to take the lead in the realm of content marketing, it’s interesting to learn that many brands haven’t quite mastered the potential of YouTube content marketing.

This social media giant has 1 billion monthly users worldwide, generating billions of views on a daily basis. Let’s not forget that these page views likely include unregistered users as well.

Video Marketing and YouTube Stats

According to statistics, YouTube is the second favorite search engine in the world and 50% of its users spend their time viewing business related videos at least once per week.

Every year, the hours that people around the world are spending watching videos on YouTube, increases by an astounding 50%.

With 75% of site users clicking through video links to visit company websites following a successful video, you can’t go wrong by attempting to leverage the potential here.

The Problem – Not Enough Views

With all of this good news, what’s the problem?

The bad news is that while businesses have increased their video uploads, monthly views are not looking good. In fact, 50% of brand videos receive less than 1000 views. This equates to a complete waste of time and money on the part of the marketers.

It’s All about the Content

To find YouTube content marketing success, you do not need to create a viral video.

Consider your content approach carefully. Many brands are finding success with the creation of a specific content approach: hero content, hub content, and hygiene content.

Hub video content takes the form of videos that include your key target audience’s specific likes, passions, and interests. Basically, all of the things that really gets this group fired up in life. And finally, hygiene content – this type of content is your go-to guide for learning how to do something. These are the ever-popular “how to videos” that the world never grows bored of watching and that there always seems to be a demand for.


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