How to Create SEO Content that Google Will Reward

There are a number of things to remember when creating great SEO content for your website. You want to create engaging content that adds value for the reader, utilize proven SEO techniques with natural use of keywords, and stay within Google’s rules so you aren’t penalized. Here’s a look at some key SEO pointers to help you along the way.


The Good

First, SEO is not bad. So understand that upfront. Search engine optimization is intended to speak to the search engines, so to speak. It involves the skillful use of keywords used strategically in the right places to increase traffic and ultimately, conversions. Ideally, it matches up the searches people do looking for information to your web content. Here’s a list of 17 Best SEO Practices to help with this.

The Bad

The only time SEO is bad is when it is used in isolation without any real meaningful content or when it involves deceitful practices. And who would want to do that? Remember, you are talking to your visitors and your potential clients, so you always want to give them something useful. Google rewards sites that do this because they ultimately want the searches people do to be relevant, and turn up appropriate results to what they are searching for. If you provide this, you won’t get your hand slapped or sent to “time out” by the gods of the internet.

The Ugly

The worst thing that can happen is that Google drops you from the search engines completely! So just focus on good, relevant content, and you’ll be rewarded for it. Think of Google as the conscience of the internet. They are a company that knows what it is doing, attempting to provide the best consumer experience possible. That drives traffic and sales to YOUR website.

How the West Was Won

In essence, all we are talking about here is being honest. Provide good, engaging content to your visitors and give them something valuable using the keywords you have chosen to match up with what you are offering. People are smart these days. They know how to spot the genuine article. If you have something good to offer, they will find you and Google will reward you with more visitors and that means more conversions.

Turns out being honest and straighforward is the best approach — even in our virtual world!


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Lynne Futura is a well-established writer with three college degrees, one in Radio-TV/Mass Communications and the other in Education and Psychology. She has her own internet radio station and technology/media content business. She guarantees top quality in every article she writes through Crowd Content and is a stellar writer.

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