The Do’s and Don’ts of Metadata

Do you ever wonder how search engines find your website? There’s this thing called metadata, mysterious to many internet users, that tells search engines what’s on your website. Metadata is data that describes the content of your website. The blurb that shows up on a search engine page and on social media is metadata, but other […]

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Feature Friday: Getting SEO Metadata with Your Content

Happy Halloween and happy Friday! Today, Matt demonstrates how to order SEO metadata with your content. We’ve made it easy for you and your writer to work together to get the metadata you need for your SEO strategy. From within the advanced order option area in the content order form, you will want to click ‘yes’ […]

Checklist to Help Increase Google Rankings Now

Creating fantastic content that helps customers make better decisions and connect with your brand is only part of a successful content marketing strategy. The rest? Ensuring your target audience can easily find all that stellar content. That’s where thorough search engine optimization (SEO) comes in. Although many shoppers begin a product purchase by heading straight for […]

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The Complete Guide to Digital Marketing vs. Content Marketing

Today’s business landscape is hyper-competitive, so modern marketers have their work cut out for them and then some. Digital interfaces, search engine algorithms, and consumer tastes are constantly changing, so there’s no guarantee that what worked well in the past will still work today, let alone in the future.  Fully understanding best practices when it […]

Master Content Planning With Editorial Calendar Templates

Business goals are the cornerstones of any content strategy. Without established brand messaging, people, search engines, and social media algorithms won’t understand your brand or care about your content. Plus, in the era of multichannel distribution, each piece must be tailored to the various platforms your customers prefer.  Using editorial calendar templates is the only […]

Content Analytics Tools for Data-Driven Insights

Content analytics tools are essential for any writer or marketer looking to make their content stand out in a saturated online environment. While many people might think of content as just words on a page, data-driven strategies are crucial for creating successful and engaging content. In fact, 77% of marketers say that the importance of […]

Mastering Brand Voice and Tone for Dynamic Marketing

Wondering how you give life to your company? It boils down to your brand voice and tone — how your business communicates. Whether writing a blog post or recording a video, consistent branding helps harmonize messaging across content and makes your business instantly recognizable. Brand voice is the personality of your business. It can be […]

How to Hire and Work With a SaaS Copywriter

B2B SaaS copywriters are the Swiss Army knives of the software used in a service industry. They go beyond typing words on a screen to help shape the narrative and increase the efficacy of entire campaigns. Regarding  market share and competitive edge, PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel once said, “Customers won’t care about any particular technology […]

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