What Does an SEO-Friendly Blog Title Look Like in 2019?

That’s a good question. SEO professionals always have optimization on their minds. Ensuring their websites, content, and blog posts are as optimized as possible is critical to their success. And, we’ve known for a long time that blog titles are a key element of optimizing a blog post. Brian Dean even states that they’re the […]

Product Copywriting for SEO: How to Be Sure Your eCommerce Copy Converts and Ranks

Powerful eCommerce copy must do two things well to work for your bottom line. First, it must include strong keyword optimization and content that captures the intent of what consumers are looking for online and capitalizes on and satisfies that intent. If your copy does this, you benefit from: More time spent on page Higher […]

How to Design and Implement A Local Landing Page SEO Program

How often do you go to Google to search for something like “auto mechanic in Seattle” or “pharmacy in 10019?” If you’re like most people, the answer is probably quite often; 89 percent of people do local searches at least once a week, with 58 percent searching locally once a day on average. [Free Ebook] […]

What You Need to Know About Google & Longer Meta Descriptions to Boost SEO this Year

Google upped the ante on meta descriptions leading into 2018, and that means brands that want to stay competitive online need to start tweaking some foundational SEO elements in their content. The longer meta descriptions have more property on which you can stake your search engine (and consumer attention) claim, but so does everyone else. […]

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How to Place an Order: Tips and Tricks for Your First Order

When you place an order at Crowd Content, we want the experience to be as seamless as possible. Your orders reach a large, talented community of writers who are eager to create content that matches your business’s needs and SEO requirements. How It Works – The Workflow When you place your first order, and any […]

How’s Your Image SEO Game?

You’ve just written a post that exhaustively explores your topic and satisfies searcher intent.  It’s engaging and informative, and you know readers and search spiders alike are going to love it. Awesome! Now, how’s your image SEO for the post? After putting in the work of crafting a killer post, you need to make sure […]

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Tagging to Protect Your Brand and Support Your Customer

Under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, it’s illegal for anyone to sell recalled products. For retailers of any size, managing product on the shelves or in online offerings is time consuming, and for larger ecommerce companies, it’s nearly impossible without the right data organization. It’s not surprising that some retailers have fallen foul of […]

Keyword Optimization for Freelancers

As a freelance writer, it’s important that you understand the basics of keyword optimization. You may find yourself working on an assignment for a client where you’re expected to write content based around a keyword, or you could decide to start your own website or blog. Knowing how to keep your article on Google’s good […]

How to Unite Your Content Marketing and SEO Strategies

The secret to success in content marketing is to produce engaging content. That particular piece of advice has been offered by just about every expert in the industry. But the only way you can engage your audience is if you get website traffic to begin with. In fact, getting website traffic is so important that […]

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