The Ingredients for the Perfect Writing Recipe

content marketing recipe

I like to bake from scratch. You might be wondering what baking has to do with writing. I think that the philosophy is the same.

When baking from scratch, there is no short cuts that are used in a recipe such as pre-made and packaged foods, it requires more effort and elbow grease to get the job done. The end result is a high-quality baked good accompanied by many compliments. People marvel at how it’s done. Writing is the same.

Where Can I Find the Right Ingredients?

Finding reliable sources of information to use as references to prove what you are writing about is like shopping for ingredients to bake with. Like with baking, it must be decided what the contents of the recipe are going to be. It depends on the quality and outcome you desire.

If I want to use healthy ingredients, my first choice should be a health foods store. If I want to write articles describing women’s fashion, I should study various retailers to see how they describe their products.

How Do I Put the Ingredients Together?

You might find that certain ingredients added to the mixing bowl at the wrong time can ruin the consistency of the batch. When writing it’s necessary to stay coherent and on the topic. Precision, creativity, adaptability, and flexibility is required when baking from scratch.

The same is true for writing. Follow the instructions of the basic outline of the type of content you are writing. You can be creative afterward by adding your own ingredients or flair to your article without ruining the consistency of the entire piece.

Shaping, Molding, and Putting the Finishing Touches on Your Creation

The appearance of baked goods is just as important as the taste of them. Proper editing and formatting go a long way in presenting your writing to potential clients and/or specific audiences.

content marketing writing recipe

Your article may be well written, but if it isn’t presented in a neat and orderly manner your article is apt to be rejected before one word is read. Not many people are interested in eating misshaped baked goods.

Et Voila!

Now that you’ve cleaned up, you are ready to serve! For me, the most exciting part of baking is serving baked goods to people when I know I’ve done an excellent job. When writing, it’s exciting to know that you’ve submitted your best written article for others to enjoy.


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Meet Sheila! She is an enthusiastic freelance writer who is hard working, responsible and aims to make every customer happy above and beyond their expectations. She writes accurately, descriptively, on demand and does not spin articles. She strives for excellency and originality in all of her written articles.

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