10 Reasons Why Freelancers Are the Answer

Blog posts. Website content. Reports. White papers. Grant proposals. Business plans. Sales letters. So much to write, so little time.

Sound familiar?

Maybe it’s time to bring in reinforcements. Hiring a freelance writer just may be the answer, but don’t take my word for it.

Here are ten reasons why you should hire a freelance writer.

1. They will put the time in to do the job right

Let’s face it. Even if you or another staff member can write well do you have the time to write what you need for your business? A professional freelance writer will make time for your project and give it their full attention.

2. They know a little about a lot

One of the benefits of the job is that freelance writers gain knowledge and experience with every piece they write. As a result, they can recommend ideas and improvements that will make your audience stand up and take notice.

The best freelance writers can use their words to sell products or services, secure a grant or sell a business plan thanks to the expertise and information they acquired from previous work.

3. They wear many hats

A freelance writer focuses on more than readability, spelling, grammar and basic sentence structure. They also know how to make your copy appealing and enticing to your target audience.

They understand the fundamentals of psychology, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), public relations, design and layout so they can maximize the power of your copy.

4. They offer a fresh set of eyes

Not matter how well you think you know your business, a fresh set of eyes can offer a new perspective. A freelance writer’s eye is trained to look for mistakes in spelling, grammar and sentence structure.

They will clean up your copy, give it a polished and professional appearance and make sure it is easy to understand.

5. They can help improve your company’s sales

A good freelance writer can be worth their weight in gold.

They can give your company’s sales material a facelift, transforming it into more persuasive copy. They also can make your copy more effective—whether in print on online—by knowing what language will generate the best results.

A freelance writer can produce an e-newsletter for your customers or those who sign up for it. They can construct content for your website that can be easily found by search engines, which will increase traffic and they can focus on your products or services from the customer’s perspective and craft a message that explains how they will benefit from them.

6. They are professional

A freelance writer will listen and take the time to understand your company’s unique needs. They will meet deadlines, pay attention to detail and consistently weave your message throughout all your content.

7. They help you and your business succeed

A freelance writer will unleash the power of the written word to help promote your product or service, make your life easier and your business better. They can get your information out through clear and compelling communications that tells the reader that your message is worthy of their attention.

8. They allow you to maximize your time

In the business world, time is money. Hiring a freelance writer will give you more of both. By letting them pen your content you can spend more time improving your products or services.

9. They will help you create a style

A freelance writer can recommend a style that is right for your company. Having a unique voice can help brand your business.

10. They will not disappoint

When you hire a professional freelance writer you can rest easy knowing you will be getting quality content every time.

So why not join the millions of businesses that are reaping the benefits that come with hiring a freelance writer. You won’t be disappointed.


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Sultany holds a bachelor's degree in English and journalism. She specializes in health/fitness, Alzheimer's, senior care and pets. She writes engaging copy for all types of media, has a meticulous eye for detail and a keen sense of humor. She will deliver high quality content in a timely manner.

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