SEO Best Practices: Focus on Audience, Not Algorithm

Focus on Human Audience vs Algorithms

By now, it is clear that a business’s marketing strategy should include a strong social media presence. While technology has changed many aspects of how we market products and services, traditional wisdom still applies. Long term success comes when you strive to build and maintain relationships with your customers.

Your content marketing strategy should focus on meeting the needs of your audience, rather than an ever-changing algorithm.

Creating Goal-Oriented Connections

The most successful businesses have traditionally focused on building relationships, not audiences. In an age where SEO tips and practices abound, this principle has never been more important. Perhaps you think you don’t have the time it takes to reach out and build meaningful customer relationships. A strong social media presence is essential. However, that doesn’t mean you need to spend hours touching base with every follower on Facebook. A simple hello and a post about your latest endeavors is all it takes to allow your target audience to feel like a part of your business. And, speaking of your target audience…

Broaden Your Target Audience

Having a general idea of who will benefit the most from your products or services can help you develop a market strategy. As Greg Ciotti of Convince and Convert states, a useful customer profile allows you to ensure that your content marketing strategy addresses your customers’ needs. However, your main focus should be on creating opportunities for growth. Think outside of the box. Don’t tailor your approach to one specific group at the expense of building exposure and expanding your vision.

No More Keyword Stuffing

Not so long ago, companies could hire custom writing services that could generate SEO-driven content. According to Tina Courtney-Brown of Site Pro News, a solid keyword strategy is no longer the focus of outstanding search engine ratings. The success of your business rides on your ability to cater to your audience, rather than search engine algorithms. Create custom content or find custom writing services that focus on providing fresh, relevant content.

Allow Time for Growth

As you change your approach of reaching your audience, remember to allow time for growth. Overnight growth is great when it happens, but don’t be discouraged if it takes months of routine dedication before you see a difference. By shifting your focus from algorithms to genuine customer relationships, you will experience greater satisfaction and long term success.

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