A Guide to Writing a Great Press Release

Press release best practices for writers.

At one point in time, a press release writer only needed to post a well-written press release in a few conspicuous places to effectively reach their target audience. Today’s consumer is highly selective with how and where they receive information. By understanding the different attributes of a press release, as well as how to market it across a variety of channels, you can succeed in connecting with your audience.

The Attributes of a Press Release

An Eye-catching Headline

Kerin Foster of Marketing Land states that the best way to develop a great headline is to put yourself in your readers’ shoes. What type of headline would capture your attention? People have access to limitless information every time they browse the web. Without an eye-catching headline, your target audience is unlikely to read, or even notice, your press release.

An Informative First Paragraph

You have succeeded in catching a reader’s attention, and this is not the time to be coy. As captivating as your press release may be, it is unlikely that your reader will read every word before moving on to another headline. All pertinent information should be covered in the first paragraph: the Who, What, When, Where and Why.

A Notable Quote

Providing straightforward, boiled down facts can feel a little dry and boring. By including a quote from a notable person regarding your announcement, you can provide interest to your piece. According to Hannah Fleishman of Inbound Marketing, the quote you choose should emphasize the core of your announcement.

Contact Information

A common mistake a press release writer may make is forgetting to include the company’s contact information. Your press release should conclude with the company’s telephone number and the email address of whoever handles your company’s marketing communications.

Marketing Your Press Release

Whether you are writing the press release yourself, or you have hired a professional press release writer, effectively marketing your press release is the key to success.

Social Media

Press releases are easily shared across social media platforms. Whether you post it, tweet it or pin it, social media provides a great way to connect with your target audience.

Email Marketing

Do you send out regular newsletters? If so, you already have an effective means of sharing your press release with those who will benefit from it the most.


Whether you post the press release to your blog or feature it on your homepage, your website is the prime location to share your announcement.


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Katelyn Macdonald is an experienced freelancer with a Bachelors of Science in Business. Her work includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, product reviews and press releases. She also has experience in writing articles pertaining to travel and health-related topics. Katelyn Macdonald works hard to ensure her clients' satisfaction.

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