Do you Need a Content Writer or a Copywriter?

Content writing and copywriting sound like interchangeable terms, and while their domains may overlap on occasion, they’re two different things that serve two distinct functions. Put simply, good content writing engages the reader by providing informative and educational content about your industry and brand. Good copywriting compels the reader to take a specific action, such […]

Who’s on Your Business Content Writing Team and How Do You Manage Them?

According to Econsultancy, content marketing and writing skills are second only to data analysis when it comes to importance for marketers. And while many people can learn to craft grammatically correct, optimized copy, the fact is that writing is somewhat of a talent. Not everyone can infuse marketing copy with enticing voice or create an informational […]

Creating Content For Every Step of The Buyer’s Journey

If you’re not creating content for every step of the buyer’s journey, you’re literally leaking conversions and profits. Let’s look at how to support buyers’ through their journeys to maximize conversion rates and marketing ROI. Need a hand creating content? Connect with the best content writers on the web. What Is the Buyer’s Journey? The […]

5 Ways To Make Your Content Budget Go Further

In the current environment of economic hardship caused by COVID-19, many businesses are scaling back on content budgets. While we’ve made some arguments for the value of staying the course or increasing content during this time, we also know that financial facts are just that: Facts you can’t always ignore or sway. But scaling back […]

The Complete B2B Content Creation Guide

With more and more business revenue driven by leads that are generated online, the focus on B2B content creation has intensified. Smart companies realize that relevant, useful information draws potential customers into the sales funnel. While content creation for consumers—B2C—might garner more attention in the marketplace, a strong B2B content creation strategy can produce quantifiable, […]

Questions to Determine the Right Content Writing Service

Content writing is an extremely important part of an effective digital marketing strategy. From a website focused on SEO to product descriptions that encourage sales, content can be the cornerstone of moving your business forward. However, creating great content can take a talent and time commitment that not everyone can invest in making, particularly for […]

How to Write Engaging SEO Buyers’ Guides for Your Website

Close to 90% of shoppers start their buying journey on digital channels. Before they even step into a storefront — potentially before they step out of their front door — consumers are consulting search engines to find out more about what product they might need or want. And that’s obviously even more true for purchases […]

Have Bulk Content Writing Projects? 6 Key Things You Need To Know

Content marketers and SEO experts know that content is critical to the success of their campaigns. Even the best strategies need amazing content to fuel their results. However, some circumstances may require content in far larger batches, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of words per day. Think of eCommerce stores that need to […]

12 Content Distribution Tips to Ensure Maximum Exposure in 2020

It’s 2020 – and the content distribution game is changing fast.  Creating original, engaging content is not easy (though a good content writing service can certainly help). Yet, it is the least that’s expected of you as a content marketer today. The real content marketing challenge of 2020 is getting your content in front of […]

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