Are Your Unique Product Descriptions Missing These Components?

They’re the stuff of nightmares for e-commerce folks: unique product descriptions. Even if descriptions are 100% original according to search engines, are they good enough to encourage a sale?

Let’s face it — you’re not in the business of serving search engines.

You want to build a business primed for growth, and that means nailing product descriptions.

Do your product descriptions drive purchase decisions, or drive customers away?

In a previous post, we discussed the many benefits product descriptions can have on your business, from higher search engine rankings to the establishment of a refined, cross-platform brand voice.

Now it’s time to look at writing goal-focused, unique product descriptions your customers will find helpful. The following advice comes from our very own product description writers’ experience writing hundreds of thousands of descriptions for eCommerce sites of all sizes.

Essential Elements of Every Great Product Description

Describing your product takes more than a grasp of language and grammar; it takes a determination to reach customers at a personal level, regardless of how short the interaction.

Create compelling descriptions by incorporating three key elements.

Scannable Text

As customers read a page, they naturally scan it for the most important information. Likely, you did also seconds after clicking the headline.

We want to make sure what we’re reading is actually useful, right?

For the same reason, product descriptions must be written in a way that leads the eye to the most important information. Include bullets, short paragraphs, or bold text to draw your reader to the best content.

A Personal Touch

Everyone likes a story — particularly when they’re playing the lead role. Use product descriptions to concentrate on your customers’ needs, wants, and challenges.

How will your product affect relationships, comfort, family life, travel, or other important aspects of life?

What will be the ultimate impact on your reader? Weave storytelling into product descriptions to guide the reader’s imagination.

The Feature-Benefit Sweet Spot

While including specifications must be done to an extent, it shouldn’t overshadow your product’s benefits.

Encourage your reader to delve further into an item by suggesting uses or scenarios in which the item is indispensable.

According to KISSmetrics, downplaying features in exchange for illustrative benefits is the best way to drive conversions with product descriptions.

Are your product descriptions lacking any of these qualities?


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Claire holds a psychology degree and years of experience as a writer. She is knowledgeable about business, marketing, health, and art, but can adapt to diverse content needs. With a strong commitment to deadlines and unique content creation, Claire provides engaging and informative copy tailored to any audience.

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