The Write Side of Content Marketing

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The Write Side of Content Marketing

Whenever someone talks about marketing, they immediately think of the TV commercials that we are bombarded with each evening while trying to unwind from our day.  We need to realize that we are marketing ourselves on a daily basis without ever realizing.

What are you telegraphing?

Much like a boxer who telegraphs their punches to their opponents, we telegraph ourselves to the public long before we ever arrive on the actual scene.

  • Why else would employers and law enforcement officials what to search out your Facebook page, or follow you on twitter?

Simply to determine who you really are when you aren’t wearing the mask of professionalism when you applied for that job, or to determine if you could be a possible suspect in a crime.  All of which can be determined by one glance through the social media sites.

In today’s society, we are telegraphing all about ourselves from the time that we are born.  Our baby pictures are posted all over the internet and you can always find that person who uses their social media account instead of keeping a daily dairy.  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc…are excellent sources of personal marketing places.

  • All of these social media accounts connect together to form a pictograph of you, your life, your hobbies and even your habits.

The more of these accounts that you post to on a regular basis, the more you are providing windows for others to look into your world, and your world views.

We would all do well to forget about what your mother said about having to put her face/makeup on before she could be seen in out in public.  Those days are long gone, having one face for the public, and one for behind closed doors.

  • The doors of privacy have been sprung from its hinges as we are marketing ourselves and our children long before we ever realize.

 How does this apply to the Write Side of content marketing…this writer chuckles?

With all the content that is currently out on the web, with all its bits and bytes, now look at it in the context of words on a page.  See what I mean?  Words are everywhere, putting all sorts of information out for the world to see, read and listen to.  All that information had to be written by someone. Who?

  • No one knows who for sure, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it is still all out there!
  • If a writer can combine the REAL person behind the keys while engaging a specifically targeted audience or a wide variety, this is all that is required in becoming a writer in the content marketing world.

With each of us having distinct personalities trying to find our place in today’s rapidly changing world of technology, each are all screaming for the genuine, REAL people to connect with.

This is where freelance writing assignments and content marketing are pushing the writers of today to step out of their own desire. That desire to become famous which often hinders the best of us.  The world of content market requires that writers have two simple abilities:

  • The ability to place bits and bytes of themselves into writing content that only the person who requested the article, product description, or quite possibly the NEXT great idea, and the writer who wrote it for them knows. And…
  • The openness and genuineness to connect with an audience.

The Wrap Up

  • We have learned that we are marketing ourselves sooner to the public than has ever been possible before.
  • Social media is telegraphing your personality to the world.  If your online personality and off line personality don’t match, you lose creditability and genuineness that society is demanding.
  • Engaging and genuine personalities are rewriting web content a bit and byte at a time.
  • Content marketing allows for those engaging personalities to have their personalities injected through every word the write.
  • Be honest, didn’t you laugh or even slightly chuckle at just one thing that I said in this article?  We connected…nice to meet you, I am glad that I made you smile.

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Cassandra Parsons holds several degrees from Mortgage Banking, to a Doctorate of Divinity. She has published several books She has the flexibility to write engaging web content, enticing and informative product descriptions and unique blog posts. Through her many varied projects, she strives to Under promise and Over Deliver.

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