How to Find the Newsworthy for Your Press Release

How to Find the Newsworthy for Your Press ReleaseWhen writing (or ordering and buying a press release) a press release, a common mistake is to treat it just like an article.

In fact, press releases are not like articles in form, structure, components or even in the end goal. A press release is there to publicize an event, a company, a project or a product launch.

It is not there for SEO purposes or to be sent to the end reader. They are sent to bloggers, news sites and industry publications so that whatever you are trying to publicize will be written about by those publications.

The Vital Newsworthy Element

Before writing a press release, or having a press release writer create it for you, there are two important steps- researching what you’re publicizing and finding a newsworthy angle. Because you are trying to interest blogs and news outlets in carrying a story about the topic, there has to be some kind of newsworthy angle that will allow them to do that. Without the newsworthy element, it’s basically an ad that you are asking them to publish for free. 

They won’t.

To find your angle, choose the essence of the message and present it in a way that will interest more than just the company that is releasing the info. If you are writing a release about the introduction of an interesting new product, research the industry and how this product will change or fit into that industry. That will make the release perfect for blogs and periodicals that cover that industry.

Don’t Try to Sell

Above all, your press release can’t read like an ad. It isn’t designed to sell anything. At the most, it is designed to get people to find out more about what you are publicizing. If your release is full of language about how great and fantastic a product is, it will be deleted along with the other releases that do exactly the same thing.

Instead, consider tying the launch to something currently in the news. Instead of talking about how great a new vape shop is, talk about the launch of the store it the context of how popular vaping has gotten and how studies have shown that they can help people quit smoking. With a newsworthy hook, you have a much better chance of media outlets taking notice.

Georgia Potts

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Georgia is a full-time Web writer with a BA in journalism (2001). She has extensive experience writing Web content, Web copy, marketing materials, press releases, news articles and SEO pieces.

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0 thoughts on “How to Find the Newsworthy for Your Press Release”

  • Avatar

    News releases are just like any other form of content marketing; it is important to focus on the story surrounding the product, not blatantly selling the product itself. If you can get a blogger interested in the story around your product they know their readers will be interested too and are more likely to publish. Try to hook people with information, not a product. Excellent tips, thanks for sharing!

    • Avatar
      Georgia Potts says:

      It’s important to remember to look beyond blogs as well. Trade publications and newspapers may seem old fashioned, but they can give a person, product or event instant credibility and a huge amount of publicity within a specific area or industry.

      • Avatar
        Corbin Bartoli says:

        I often lurk in forums, and chatter in IRC rooms. I also go to conventions when I can. Actually, conventions are my strongest tool for networking big stories. I store a bit of footage that carry my blog posts months after the convention is over. Three simple days used right can really boost your longevity if you’re looking for decent news to look out for. Keep in mind, there are conventions for all sorts of things, take the Midwestern Media Expo, for a prime example…or failing that, the Automotive Show.

        • Avatar

          I love conventions! You can get personal answers, meet people you normally wouldn’t be able to and can get info you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Avatar

    This is a great post, Georgia, especially the explanation of how to find the newsworthy angle. It’s possible some people write press releases that read like ads simply because they don’t know to avoid doing so. After reading this they won’t have that excuse.

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