Email Drip Campaigns: How to Wow Beyond Website Content

Email Drip Campaigns: How to Wow Beyond Website Content

Website content explains subjects not likely to change, like your products or services, while social media keeps your audience engaged long enough to click a link. 

Don’t you want a deeper, more meaningful connection with your clients, prospects, and fans?

An efficient way to forge this connection without tying up all of your resources is drip marketing.

Because you can create drip campaigns for different customer personas at different stages of the purchase process, targeting customers with relevant messaging directly in their inbox boosts your content’s priority.

Craft Your Message for People

Forget search engines and SEO for a minute — it’s all about reaching people. Are you vying for the attention of C-suite execs or reaching out to single moms?

Depending on your audience, brand messaging in a drip campaign can vary greatly while retaining the following qualities:

  • Purpose. While a drip campaign may only consist of 3 well-timed emails, it must have a well-defined purpose. What should your reader do after opening the email?
  • Connection. Words mean more than you might think. A simple greeting, short purposeful statement, and invitation to act may be all it takes for a reader to learn more.
  • Call to action. Should your viewer head to your blog, sign up for an offer, or write you back? Whatever your call to action, make sure it’s easy to complete. Anything more than a step or two might decrease your overall response rate.

From including interactive elements to tweaking landing page design, developing a cohesive campaign ensures you take advantage of each and every opportunity to “wow” your reader.

Content: The Heart of Your Drip Campaign

Despite rumors of marketing automation taking over, there remains a very real, human element to marketing communication and it rests in your content.

Unlike creating website content, drip campaign messages need to be short, on-brand, and speak directly to their pain points.

Answer the following questions and share with your team before launching a drip campaign:

  • Which emotions or thoughts will this message evoke when read?
  • What barriers and challenges is the reader facing?
  • What solutions are offered by my brand?

Communicating the answers to your content creation team is crucial to building an effective email drip campaign.

Have you had success with drip campaigns?


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Claire holds a psychology degree and years of experience as a writer. She is knowledgeable about business, marketing, health, and art, but can adapt to diverse content needs. With a strong commitment to deadlines and unique content creation, Claire provides engaging and informative copy tailored to any audience.

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