How to Improve Your SEO Using Linkedin

How to Improve Your SEO Using Linkedin

How to Improve Your SEO Using Linkedin

Everyone knows how effective social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are for SEO and branding purposes. But one underutilized website for search engine optimization is LinkedIn.

Not only is it an excellent resource for connecting and networking with other professionals in your area and industry, but it is also a powerful tool when it comes to getting the word out about your business, products, and/or services.

If you want to make the most of your LinkedIn account, here are some simple tips to drawing attention to yourself and your business on the social media site and in the search engines. 

Use Keywords Throughout Your Profile

One of the great things about LinkedIn is the fact that you can type a keyword into the search bar and get results from all over the networking site that match those exact words.

It’s an easy way to find people in specific industries or locations. One of the best ways to get found is by including powerful keywords throughout your headline and job description.

Make a list of about 10 keywords you want to rank for and make sure they can be found in your profile. 

Make Your Profile Public

While some people prefer to keep their profile private, it won’t do them any favors if they are hoping to enhance their Linkedin SEO efforts.

By making your profile public and out in the open, not only will it be easy to be found, but you will also make it that much easier for search engines like Google to find you.

Include a Link to Your Website

Building links is a must for any website because, if linked to the right websites, it will help bring your search engine rankings up.

With its high page rank and popularity, LinkedIn is the right website for the job. Including a link in your profile will be one more external link to add to your list.

Use the Publishing Option

Content still reigns as king, so the more writing you get out there, the stronger your website will be. LinkedIn is a great publishing tool that allows you to publish articles in the same way you would publish a blog post.

It’s a must to help build your credentials as an expert in your field, while also including a link or two to your site. Also, don’t forget to create engaging content that your audience will want to read.

There are tons of benefits to using this social networking site, including as part of your SEO and social media marketing campaign. Use these tips to strengthen your brand, website, and reputation online.  

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