9 Steps to a Promising Freelance Career

In today’s high tech society, more and more people are turning to a career in freelance writing. Sounds easy, right? Think again.

Use these tips to help make your freelance career is on the right track to success.

1. Make a Business Plan

The first step you should make as a freelance writer is to make a business plan. You may have all these ideas in your head of what you’d like to achieve, or what you’d like your business to be, so get them down on paper. Having an official plan is a great way to measure milestones down the road, and periodically assess where you’re at.

2. Plan Your Days

Always have the upcoming weeks planned out. Being organized helps your freelance business run smoothly and ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Being organized and planning things out becomes important, especially with multiple clients.

3. Use Free Software

Depending what you are doing as a freelancer, all costs for your business fall to you, which can become expensive. If you’re just starting out and don’t have clients to make up for your business spending, it may seem overwhelming at first. There’s a lot of free software for all your business needs that can help you get started, and keep money in your pocket.

4. Be Professional

As a freelance writer, first impressions aren’t the only impressions that last. Being professional to clients and potential clients will create a positive image for you and your business.

5. Make a Website and Use Social Media

Social media helps connect you to potential and current clients, and keeps you in the loop. Making a blog or a website helps boost your professionalism, and gives clients a place to see your contact information. It also gives you a place to post testimonials that could lead potential clients to you.

6. Learn to Say No

Once your services become requested more, learn to say no to potential new clients if you don’t have the time to give them 100%. Taking on more than you can handle could wear you down. Taking on work you can’t handle can also cause a stir and gie you a bad reputation if not completed on time.

7. Get Allies

Everyone you meet has the potential to be a great contact, client, or advertisement. Build connections with everyone you meet, because word of mouth spreads and brings in new business.

8. Work When You’re at Work

Make a schedule and stick to it. Create work hours and make sure that all personal matters are taken care of after your work hours are over. Answering personal calls/emails, running errands, or taking frequent breaks while working could cause things to slip through the cracks.

9. Ask for Feedback

Being your own boss means that you don’t get constructive criticism from a boss or manager. Ask clients for their opinions on your services. Doing so gives you the opportunity to see what you’re doing right, and where you could improve.


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