Why Putting Social Media on Auto Pilot Works

social media automation is OK

Inconsistency is a social media serial killer.

Maybe you’re great at writing and curating awesome social media posts but if you have a hard time getting even one post per day it’s time to reconsider your process.

Especially if you’re producing rich content, like videos, podcasts or blog posts, your audience wants to know that they can count on you to push out useful or entertaining stuff at regular intervals—links to your Thursday afternoon Youtube video or to your daily blog post at 8am.

If your crazy schedule doesn’t let you market your brand or content regularly, it’s time to start automating your posts.

Today’s best automation tools work like an editorial calendar for journalists, helping to plan when stories go out so they reach the target audience at the right time. But these tools—which are often free—go a step further by hooking up with your social channels to post the content for you at the time you’ve chosen.

Automation gets the job done

When you’re not online, automation tools are busy running on their own so that your accounts don’t flatline while you’re on that silent yoga retreat in a mud hut on the back of a turtle floating through the universe.

social media automation works

Automation helps you market better

Another great thing about these tools is that they let you repeat the same or similar messages for a campaign. If you want to advertise your upcoming webinar or event, you should be pushing that message out regularly, up until the date.

social media automation helps

These tools will help you schedule a whole batch of upcoming messages about the thing you’re trying to sell so you can plan how often and at what time the campaign posts go out.

Measure and tweak you campaign on-the-fly

And when you’ve created your posting schedule for the day, week or month, yo u can always edit it. Let’s say that first tweet went out and got 10 re-tweets but the second tweet got no love.

You can view the stats per post using the automation program and then change up the wording or the timing of the upcoming tweets so they have a better chance of getting traction.

One last thing before you automate away: don’t think that automation has to be robotic. Authenticity in your content is always going to show through. Add color, add personality and don’t ever allow your brand to lose it’s voice.

What automation tools have you tried and why do you love them?


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Charlie is an accomplished writer and journalist who's work has appeared in magazines, television and online. Charlie has traveled the world several times over, studying and working in Toronto, Sydney, Barcelona and Paris. Need to know anything about travel or long distance running and nutrition? Ask Charlie.

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