5 Promising Niche Social Media Sites You Need to Check Out Today

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We all know social networking is a must-do for any brand, but are you hitting all the right online clubs? Facebook, Twitter and Instagram might be the heavy general hitters, but here’s a look at five niche social media sites that can help make or break specialty brands.

1. Care2: a networking site for socially conscientious brands

What: Since 1998, Care2 has brought people together socially to do good. It currently has around 40 million members and encourages individuals to inspire each other to act, often via petitions.


  • Adults of all ages
  • More females than males
  • Nonprofits, brands and individuals
  • Primarily from English-speaking nations

Brand Opportunity: Care2 provides brands with a ready audience of activists, making it a great place to connect organically with people who are most likely to take action on socially conscientious CTAs. The network also offers advertising opportunities for lead generation, donor recruitment, list growth, and conversion, and brands with eco-friendly, health-centric or human rights products or services might be a good fit.

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2. AngelList: the social media site for startups and investors

What: AngelList caters to start-ups and those who want to work for and with fledgling companies. The site currently includes investment opportunities, social networking and job boards.


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors
  • Freelancers

Brand Opportunity: AngelList has always been a who’s-going-to-be-who list, with up-and-coming brands and entrepreneurs rubbing virtual elbows with well-established investors and start-up leaders. It’s a good place to find support for a new brand, connect with specialists and find people who can help your company grow from start-up to household name.

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3. Allrecipes: bringing good food and people together

What: Allrecipes is a site for foodies of every level. From basic home cooks to gourmet pros, people on the site connect to share recipes, cooking tips and food reviews.


  • Older teens and adults of all ages
  • Primarily women with some men
  • Mostly from English-speaking nations
  • Disparate backgrounds and cooking skills

Brand Opportunity: Brands can get involved in sharing recipes, making this a good network for food and cooking bloggers. Allrecipes also offers advertising opportunities, and brands can take part across the entire Meredith publishing network to reach a wider audience.

4. Catster/Dogster: social networking for pet lovers

What: Catster and Dogster are separate social networks catering to those who love felines and canines, respectively. The sites are filled with endearing videos and images and plenty of chit-chat between pet owners and wanna-be pet owners.


  • Individuals of all ages
  • Primarily women
  • Majority of users have some college education
  • Primarily from English-speaking nations

Brand Opportunity: Both sites also run Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages where industry brands can connect with Catster/Dogster and their followers, creating opportunities for brand awareness. Lumina Media, the parent company of both sites, offers advertising opportunities for brands. Brands in the pet niche can also find out about partnerships with Lumina Media, which works with distributors and thousands of retailers on product placement.

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5. Doximity: a social network for health care companies

What: Doximity is where more than 500,000 health care brands and professionals go to connect, find information and locate niche talent. As of 2014, the network claimed a 50 percent reach for all U.S. physicians.


  • Doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other specialty providers
  • Hospitals, clinics and other facilities
  • Medical supply and pharmaceutical companies

Brand Opportunity: Doximity offers a unique opportunity for brands in the health care industry to connect on a B2B basis. Companies might leverage the site to provide educational information to professionals and engage doctors and others with products and services that can help their patients.

Remember that social networking is critical, but follow-through is the rope that hauls in your revenue. Need help creating landing pages that convert more leads? Check out our marketing writing services.

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