How to Organize Your Business Pinterest Profile

brand organization for pinterest

The popular social media sharing network, Pinterest, often leads users to cluttered and disorganized boards. When using Pinterest for promotional purposes, organization is a must.

As potential followers and supporters visit different boards, they tend to spend more time on those that are organized and those that have a personal touch to them.

These four tips will help you organize your Pinterest pages and boards to gain followers and interest quickly.

1. Separate Business and Personal Pinterest Accounts

When the page is for business or promotional purposes, it is ideal to keep personal interests on a different profile. It is confusing for followers to distinguish between what the company is about when these two elements are combined.

2. Making Pins Informational

The categories on a promotional page should only pertain to the type of business the company is and the products it offers. Of course, a promotional board is also a good idea to have too. Pinterest can be informational with an about or history section with information and photos telling the company’s story.

3. Choosing Category Headlines and Inclusions

The category headlines chosen on Pinterest do make a big difference in increasing followers.

Generic topics like “Quick Meal Ideas” or “Rainy Day Crafts for Kids” lead content browsers to believe that they’ll see the same items that they’ve seen on dozens of other pages.

Choose words like custom, unique, one-of-a-kind, revolutionary and new to describe the categories so that people know you have something different to offer.

Include product categories, production processes and a section introducing upcoming or new products. It is vital to use photos of the actual items offered by the company and not generic, stock photos. Showing followers the actual product gains more trust within the brand and/or product.

4. Include Your Own Words

Rather than just repinning from others’ profiles, it is ideal to save pictures and add your own descriptions. This makes the pin less generic and shows followers that you do care about the quality of the content shared on your boards.

Pinterest continues to gain popularity within the social media world. Food and wellness posts tend to gain the most popularity as busy families search for quick meal options and cheap home remedies for common illnesses.

Make sure that your Pinterest page is offering something different to gain interest. Also, be sure to keep the categories current. As products are discontinued or sold out, it is ideal to remove them.


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