Top 5 Resources to Find Royalty-Free Graphics for Your Content

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The modern blogosphere and the broader web in general nowadays rely on a lot of visual imagery to convey a message and drive home a cohesive point.

A few striking, well-placed pictures can lend a lot of weight to your prose in ways you never imagined. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend any money to use great photos within your content. Here are five topnotch sites for free photography.

Creative Commons

As the granddaddy of freely available stock photography, Creative Commons is the go-to place to find pictures with permissive licenses. Aside from the official Creative Commons Search portal, you can find great photos via Flickr and on Google Advanced Search. However it’s found, a photo released under a Creative Commons License is good to go.


Another fantastic stock photography platform is Stock.xchng, a tantalizing alternative to Creative Commons Search. Within its voluminous web pages, you’ll find all manner of eye-catching snapshots that are perfect for any blog post, slide show or article you’ve got in the works. With nearly 400,000 photos and counting available, it’s nearly impossible to not find the perfect picture for your latest piece of content.


If you want your stock photography to really stand out, you’ll need to think outside the box and use sites that aren’t quite so high-profile. FreePhotosBank is one such website that hosts thousands of royalty-free photos taken by some seriously talented amateur and professional photographers from around the world. For some truly unique images that’ll complement your content, think FreePhotosBank.

Wikimedia Commons

Like Creative Commons Search, the main Wikimedia Commons Search site is arguably one of the best places on the web to find a wide variety of images for any occasion. At present, Wikimedia Commons has over 15 million images available to not-for-profit users. Whatever you might be looking for, Wikimedia probably has it in one form or another.


Despite the somewhat morbid name, MorgueFile is a truly innovative site with plenty of options for those who need flexible stock photography. What makes it special is the morgueFile Free License, which allows anyone to use posted pictures in any way they like so long as they don’t directly profit from them or lay claim to ownership of them.

Words of Advice

Integrating stock photography into your content for maximum impact is a subtle art. Even the best content written by the best content writers will fall flat if not paired with engaging imagery

For the best results, ensure that your chosen images will compliment your content rather than overshadow it. More importantly, avoid clichéd pictures that are seen all too often across the web. Long story short, the aforementioned sites are a virtual goldmine for all your stock photography needs in any scenario.


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