Automate Social Media Marketing with Tweets and FB Posts from Crowd Content

Tweets and Facebook Posts

If you use social media to promote your business, Crowd Content can save you time and help increase your social ROI.

The Crowd Content platform now lets you order Tweets or Facebook Posts from our stable of talented writers. We make it easy to get high quality social media messages that engage your audience and drive traffic to your website.

Highlights from this update include:

  • Easily order the number of Tweets or FB Posts you need
  • Tweets and FB Posts are priced per unit, so you only pay for what you need
  • A sophisticated brief ensures writers get the right info about your brand to align messages with your brand
  • Writers create Tweets and FB Posts through a special interface that controls character counts to ensure compliance with Twitter and Facebook
  • Full integration with HootSuite – automatically send Tweets and FB Posts to HootSuite and then to social channels

Easy to Use, Transparent Pricing

The recent update makes it easy to order Tweets and Facebook Posts. Before, we noticed that many clients were ordering these social media messages through the normal order form.

Although this did work, it was clunky and required a good set of instructions to ensure the writers delivered what was needed. With the recent update, you now see the following options under Content Type when placing a new order:

  • Custom – use this option for any content type other than Tweets or Facebook Posts
  • Tweets
  • Facebook Posts

Tweet - Content Type

If selecting Custom, you will see the normal order form and will still see cost per word pricing.

If you select Tweets or FB Posts, you will see unit pricing on a per Tweet or per FB Post basis.

Updated Order Brief and Quality Control Measures

When creating a Tweet or Facebook Post order, we display special options that allow you to provide writers with brand information. This ensures that your writers will create social media messages that engage your audience and align with your existing online presence.

For example, when ordering Tweets, special fields let you list your Twitter handle, competitor or example Twitter handles, and even hashtags that you want mentioned throughout your Tweets.

Tweet - Handles and Hashtags

Maybe the best part of the recent update is that writers now create Tweets and Facebook Posts inside a special interface. The interface provides a separate input field for each social media message to be created.

Tweet - Writer View

The Crowd Content system counts and displays the characters for each message (seen above), allowing the writer to optimize the message for the appropriate platform. The system doesn’t even allow the writer to submit their content to the client if one or more messages have exceeded the appropriate character count.

Note: Requesting links in your Tweets? Don’t worry. We properly allocate 23 characters for each link, aligning with Twitter’s procedures when processing Tweets with links.

Fully Integrated with HootSuite – Just Click to Post!

As icing on the cake, our integration with HootSuite means that completed Tweets and FB Posts automatically appear on your HootSuite dashboard.

From the HootSuite dash, you can view all content from your Crowd Content account (not just Tweets or FB Posts). We take it even further by allowing you to actually place orders and request revisions from your HootSuite dash.

HootSuite App - Share Completed Tweets

In other words, this integration is fully functional, allowing users to manage their Crowd Content account from the HootSuite dash or from the main Crowd Content site – it’s your choice.

To learn more about the HootSuite integration, read this announcement on our blog.

Jumpstart Your Social Media Strategy Today

These new features let you source engaging social media content from Crowd Content’s qualified writers and make it easy for you to publish that content to your social media networks.

Engage with a talented writer today who understands your niche. Remember, after sampling writers, it’s easy to work with your favorite writer(s) on an ongoing basis by using the Direct Order feature. When doing this, you effectively create a team of quality content writers that is an extension of your company.

As always, if you have questions or comments about the new features, please don’t hesitate to contact your dedicated Client Account Manager. Thanks!


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Clayton is the Founder and CEO at Crowd Content, a content marketplace for clients and high performance writers. He enjoys writing about marketing ideas and content trends.

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