Why SME Review Is a Viable Solution to Scaling an Expert Project

Adding an SME review layer to your content creation plan boosts the credibility and ranking of your business’s landing pages and blogs. Find out more about Crowd Content’s SME Review process and how it can benefit your business.

SME Review on Managed Projects

Right now, when you choose our Managed Content services, you gain access to our most capable writers and benefit from the industry expertise of our in-house content managers, who compile teams of the best writers and editors to ensure that quality remains top of mind. 

Currently, our workflow operates like this: The writer creates the content, then it’s passed to a team of diligent editors, and finally, our content managers perform a QA check on your content before delivery.

The SME Review portion of our Managed Content model adds a fourth layer of review to your orders and ensures your content is accurate and high-quality. 

What Is an SME?

SME stands for Subject-Matter Expert. SMEs have a specialized, unique background in either the professional or academic world (or a combination of both) or may have written bylined content in your industry.

An SME is qualified to review content in their area of expertise. An SME reviewer’s responsibilities might include:

  • Review and fact-check all content for accuracy
  • Edit in “suggesting mode”
  • Make suggestions or comments in the content anywhere they believe something should be stated differently or if there are factual errors
  • Compare submitted content against the order brief

Primary SME Fields

At Crowd Content, our SME database includes writers from countless industries, from restaurant/hospitality and finance to political science and government.

Most of our SMEs come from these primary industries:

  • Health/Medical
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Legal

SME Review vs SME Writing

SME Review refers to a subject-matter expert in a particular industry who reviews existing written, edited content for accuracy and compliance. They may fact-check the writer’s resources, make sure information is up to date and ensure statistics are reported correctly. 

SME reviewers have college or advanced degrees in related fields. For example, an SME finance reviewer with academic experience might have a degree in:

  • Math
  • Accounting
  • Actuarial studies
  • Finance
  • Economics

When you inquire about the SME review layer being added to your content plan, you’ll be presented with a list of qualified SME reviewers with different academic and professional backgrounds for you to choose from. That way, you can decide if you’d prefer someone with an economics background versus someone who works as an accountant, for example. Depending on the volume of your content, you may want to select more than one SME reviewer.

SME Review: A Scalable Solution

At Crowd Content, we create high-quality content for your business at scale. The SME review layer fits perfectly with your content plan and budget.

An SME writer who writes bylined content in their area of expertise may cost well above our Managed content rates with an SME review layer. SME writers often charge custom rates upwards of 50 cpw, and the quality of the writing may vary widely.

When you choose to add an SME review layer to your content, you can publish high-quality, verified content at scale without exceeding your content budget. 

Pairing an SME reviewer with 4-star writers who are capable of researching, synthesizing, and producing well-written content is how you can meet your business’s publishing goals. It ensures you can produce content at the volume you want.

Say your goal is to produce 100 articles a month. You’re going to encounter problems with deadlines, budget, and varying quality levels if you opt for SME writers.

SME writers are better suited for smaller projects, perhaps one or two articles a week or month.

Adding an SME review layer to your content plan can help you level up its accuracy and quality. Contact a member of our sales team who can help you get started with the process.


What verticals are SME reviewers available in?

SME reviewers are available in the health/medical, finance, technology, and legal fields. We also have SME reviewers available in many other verticals and industries, including STEM, and we’re able to recruit in specific verticals if needed.

Is SME review scalable?

Yes. It’s a logical, scalable solution for businesses looking to produce a high volume of quality content.

What’s the difference between an SME writer and an SME reviewer?

An SME writer may have specialized experience in their field but charge custom rates for content. For content that requires a lot of research, SME writers may charge between 50 cents and a dollar per word

An SME review layer, on the other hand, is added onto the usual workflow of a 4-star writer, editor, and content manager review (QA) and costs significantly less, about an average of 30 cpw, depending on the complexity of the project.

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