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I’m talkin’ mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Both the internet and entrepreneurship are growing at groundbreaking speeds, but brands trying to scale often run face first into the giant brick wall that is content scaling. All businesses have to nail a three-part process to succeed: traffic, content, monetization. It seems easy enough to accomplish a trio of tiny tasks, but time and time again, I hear the same pain point making its ugly self known.

I meet up with people at conferences, on planes and other places. Upon learning what I do, all confess that they’ve run into a stumbling block on their way to scaling content output: Where there should be a system for progressive content creation, there’s only a black hole the size of my bank account after a weekend away with the ladies.

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It’s not surprising, really. Hiring an in-house team is costly and time-consuming; the hiring process itself is a major distraction, and there’s the need for workspace, computer terminals, health insurance workers’ compensation, and so on. It adds up. The other option is contracting freelancers on an individual basis. This scenario involves less overhead, but you’re still onboarding writers willy-nilly. There’s also no guarantee they’ll stay for any length of time, which could leave you chasing your own tail.

All those concerns are very real, but the biggest issue I’m often confronted with is that the management side of content scaling is a real pain in the . . . assets. Ideation, content creation, writer communication, developing and emailing project briefs, editing — it all takes an inordinate amount of time. That’s time you aren’t spending with clients, making sales or jumping in a pile of money.

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That’s why I love working with a technology-first platform that helps clients scale in real time.

  • The worker base is built right in. The talent is gathered and vetted before our clients’ needs arise. No posting job ads, poring over candidates and sifting through samples. Clients can work with an account manager and let them populate a team to fulfill content needs or quickly peruse the writer pool themselves and choose the profile (or profiles) they feel most connected to.
  • More writers equal greater output.
    • Hoping for 500 city-focused landing pages in two weeks?
    • Uploading your entire catalog and need a few thousand unique product descriptions?
    • Own a network of pediatric dentist offices and want weekly blogs for each one?

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It’s 100 percent possible when you’re instantly tapping into a gargantuan network of talent.

  • Management is a snap — and also not your problem. Platforms that focus solely on content creation tend to run smoothly because it’s all they do. No splitting focus: just total concentration on streamlining the boomerang-like arc from the client to the writer and back again. Because of that, revisions (in the rare case one is requested) happen without a hitch. Payment occurs without you compiling a stack of invoices or mailing a single solitary thing. You can post, review and accept content with a few clicks of your finger.

You can probably find someone to write for your blog cheaply, but shallow pockets aren’t your real concern. More often than not, you’re scaling slowly not because your budget is tiny but because it’s easier to dream up the long-term vision for your business than it is to execute it. There’s a reason enterprise content production is reportedly doubling each year. In short, we’re killing it by building systems that provide acorn management so your mighty oak can grow.

What could be better than that?

Meghan McKenzie

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Meghan heads up Enterprise Sales with Crowd Content and comes with 10 years of sales and marketing experience. She loves selling awesome writing services that are proven to work, because she'd rather express herself through eating cheese and drinking wine and leave the writing to the pros.

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