MozCon Here We Come!

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Being good at SEO relies on staying current with what’s working, finding new tactics to test, and discovering new technologies that can help you achieve the ranking and traffic goals you set.

I’ve found one of the best ways to do that is attending SEO-focused conferences, and MozCon is one of my absolute favorites. Their lineup of speakers is second to none and Moz usually presents some really powerful data from their own experiments. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to connect with fellow SEOs and talk shop.

We sponsored MozCon in 2020, and we’re proud to be sponsoring again this year. The team running MozCon does a really good job putting on virtual conferences, and I’m confident this year’s show is going to be a real winner.

MozCon 2021 is happening July 12th to July 14th and is all virtual. You have until July 9th to register, and I’d really encourage you to.

Their lineup of speakers this year is impressive, including the likes of Britney Muller, Cyrus Shepard, Dr. Pete Myers, Jackie Chu, Lily Ray, Luke Carthy, Ross Simmonds, Wil Reynolds, and many more.

Crowd Content will be at the show hanging out at our virtual booth, checking out the sessions, and participating in the Birds of a Feather discussion groups on various SEO topics. We’re also going to be doing giveaways at our booth, so if you are attending MozCon, be sure to pop by and say hi!


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Eric has been working in marketing and product management for over a decade with companies in the software, eCommerce and content creation spaces. He’s particularly drawn to both content marketing and SEO and is excited that the two areas are increasingly converging. While he’s pretty serious about marketing, he does love to drop a great dad joke on occasion.

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