Is Your Content Killer or Mediocre?

Is Your Content Killer or Mediocre?Content is King – everyone that’s somebody knows this by now.

And if you don’t know this yet, we’re sure you’re still “somebody,” but it’s definitely time to embrace the future of marketing – providing fresh, engaging, killer content.

What is killer content?

Content that immediately draws in readers, entertains, keeps them engaged, makes them want to share, and keeps them coming back for more…and more…and more.

With mediocre content, on the other hand, you’ll more than likely get a mere “meh” out of a reader and they “might” come back for another visit. Or they might not.

Is that a risk you really want to take when building your brand’s reputation and awareness? No, it’s not. You need killer content.

Benefits of Killer Content

There are many obvious benefits to this type of content and the benefits will depend upon the intent of your content and your goals that you’d like to achieve when posting.

Here are some of the many benefits of killer content:

Following and Brand Awareness:  When you keep readers engaged and coming back for more, you’ll increase your following and brand awareness. If you’re a new small-medium start-up business, this increase in brand awareness will help to grow your business.

An Increase in Conversions:  If your goal is to draw readers in with fresh, engaging content to increase conversions, you’ll want killer content. Actually, you’ll need killer content.

Increasing conversions is a game of numbers. And clearly the more page views your content gets and the more exposure that it gets, the better your chances are of making extra cash through an increase in conversions.

Increasing Sales:  Gaining more exposure through content marketing of your products and services can ultimately lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

With mediocre content, if a reader can’t make it through what they’re reading, what do you think the chances are that they’ll take the time to explore your products and services? That’s a crap shoot gamble many don’t want to take.

Brand Reputation:  Using your brand’s voice through content marketing can improve and build your brand’s valued reputation. Do you like the word power? What business owner doesn’t, right?

Use your power and your voice with emotion, honesty, and integrity to stand-up for things you believe in, using your power to make a difference in a positive way.

Paint a pretty picture of a positive force of reason that stands to be reckoned with. You’ll do this of course minus anything controversial – just be a positive light in the world.

Pitfalls of Mediocre Content

This section will be short and sweet. Pitfalls to mediocre content are also fairly obvious. When settling for mediocre content, you’re providing content that serves no purpose and holds no value.

Sure, you may gain a few page views but as soon as the reader realizes the content is just “meh” they’re more than likely to never return again.

You’ll lose page views, conversions, sales, exposure – you get the gist here. The whole shebang…

Is It Possible to Achieve Killer Content Every Time I Post?

Maybe… It’s okay if you’re not able to pull a rabbit out of the hat every time you post. It would be ideal if you could, but may not be realistic.

Okay, maybe with a killer content writer but even writers get burnt out from time-to-time, lacking the creative energy that it takes to create killer content. Most of the time would be a more realistic goal.

The moral to this story is to say no to mediocre content if you want to make it in the world of content marketing. 


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Sapphire Byers started blogging and website building in 2010. She has a passion for writing and can write about almost anything. She is a master of SEO and enjoys researching fresh topics to provide great content for. She loves helping others bring their visions to life through her words.

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