How to Write Killer Content for Landing Pages

Landing pages have a specific goal: to encourage visitors to a website to take a specific set of actions.

The directness of this type of sales pitch can lead website owners to neglect the written copy that’s present on a page to the detriment of both the visitor and the site. Placing a greater emphasis on content writing can help a site leverage its landing pages to greater effect.

More Than a Headline

One of the most common problems on landing pages is an excessive dependence on headlines. It’s easy to reduce the process of building a landing page to an artless and scientific process that simply assumes the visitor will follow the steps from A to B to C.

Unfortunately for site operators, the modern website visitor is often a skeptical sort, and it’s important to build the copywriting on a landing page into something more robust than a strong headline and a distinctive product photo.

What Makes Good Copy?

Content writing on a landing page needs to service the basic list of goals that should be expected of any direct marketing effort. A landing page ought to:

  • Be concise and purposeful
  • Clearly state benefits
  • Deliver strong proof of claims
  • Make a call to action
  • Permit follow-through

A landing page has to do a lot of work during the limited time that a visitor allows. More than other types of writing for the web, landing page copy needs to be geared toward real people.

Website operators should consider finding a writer through a copywriting service in order to achieve professional results.

ALSOWhat is Copywriting?

In fact, working with multiple writers can allow a site’s operators to conduct extensive A/B testing and see what appeals and styles work best to direct visitors toward a particular action.

What to Expect

Professional content writing for landing pages should be a form of direct marketing. Remember that every product page on the web is direct and unapologetic.

Solid copywriting on a landing page should get to the point, explain the benefits of a product or service and allow the visitor to figure out what the next step might be toward taking the desired action.

Alfonse Jorgenson

Article by

Alfonse has experience handling writing and programming work in the SEO field. He has also handled creation of product websites, including descriptions for products. He has worked with clients in the law field who had specific SEO needs that required care for ethical and legal considerations of their individual practices.

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0 thoughts on “How to Write Killer Content for Landing Pages”

  • Avatar
    Georgia Potts says:

    The whole page should be a call to action, but I think it’s also important not to try to be overly manipulative. I have seen several landing pages where you can see the writer trying to pull your strings, and it feels too pushy. It should call you to action, but make you feel that it’s your own idea.

    • Avatar

      You’re absolutely right about not being overly manipulative. It’s painfully obvious when copy is too manipulative, and it does nothing but turn readers away. The same holds true for movies, by the way.

  • Avatar

    I agree that a landing page should be more than a great photo and an awesome headline (btw, I like your headline). That’s enough to grab someone’s attention for just a moment, but then it needs to be sustained with good copy. And if that demands a copywriting service then so be it.

  • Avatar
    Charmaine Lady says:

    It was easy to find sentences that popped skillfully and were placed well to help encourage the articles fluidity. #1 sentence that sparkled the brightest for me; “…every product page on the web is direct and unapologetic.”

    Well written. Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Victor Peters says:

    As you go about content marketing,it is good to note that the marketing is not complete unless there is the call to action.I truly appreciate this article.

  • Avatar
    Georgia Potts says:

    I’m glad that using professional writers was mentioned. There’s nothing worse than a sloppy landing page, and many site owners really don’t have the needed skills to create a professional one. They may be great at many other things, but writing is a very specific set of skills.

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