How to Synergize Email Marketing Content with Blogging

How to Synergize Email Marketing Content with BloggingThere is a tricky relationship between traditional marketing content on websites and email marketing content.

Email content has the advantage of having better organic reach, but it is less likely to engage your audience. Traditional marketing content is more engaging, in part because your audience usually takes independent action in order to view that content.

Using email marketing to mitigate the organic reach limitations of traditional marketing also weakens the advantage of your website, because the audience was directed there, rather than looking for it independently. A rather effective middle ground is for your marketing to make use of a regularly updated blog.

Advantages of a Blog

The main advantage of using a blog in content marketing is that it is regularly updated. This means the content remains fresh and will generally be more engaging to your audience.

A blog can then link to your traditional marketing in an organic way that doesn’t pressure your audience. A popular and useful blog will organically drive traffic to your content marketing.

All you need to use this technique successfully is to find an effective way to drive traffic to your blog.

Synergizing Your Email Content With Your Blog

The main negative feature of email marketing is that it has difficulty engaging an audience. A good way to make your email marketing content more engaging is to create your email newsletter using excerpts from your blog.

By its very nature, your blog already receives feedback from your audience, in the form of contents, so you know what content in it is the most engaging. Include excerpts of that content in your newsletter and link directly to your blog.

This creates a synergistic relationship between your blog and your newsletter. Your newsletter offers organic reach that directs your audience to the most engaging articles on your blog and re-using blog articles decreases the time spent on making your newsletter.

While re-purposing blog articles is remarkably effective, you shouldn’t stop there. To truly take advantage of this synergy, you need to focus on making your newsletter as engaging as possible.

This means you should test various strategies with your email marketing content and pay close attention to what proves most effective. If you do this, you can combine email marketing, blogging, and traditional marketing for better results.


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