Headlines that Engage Readers and Encourage Click-Throughs

headlines that engage readers

It’s estimated that around five times more people read a headline than the content itself. Headlines are easy to share via social media and other links, which puts them in front of a wider audience than your blog or website can draw on it’s own. Understanding which titles perform best is critical to driving higher click-through rates and site traffic.

Instruction Posts Resonate with Audiences

Instructional posts walk readers through performing certain tasks, which make them great for engagement and SEO. The type of language naturally found in instructional articles includes phrases most people search for, boosting organic search results. Titles that include terms such as “how to,” “learn how,” or “make your own” also perform because they play on curiosity and DIY propensity. Readers are more likely to click on these links and more importantly, if your how-to information turns out to be helpful or fun, users will share it with others.

Large Listicles Spark More Social Shares

In recent years, large listicles have grown in popularity and are one of the most likely posts to go viral. Any large list,€” especially with an odd number of items,€” increases shareability, but negative lists often tug on emotions or curiosity to increase social sharing. A list such as “23 Things You Should Never Eat for Dinner” might perform better than a list titled “25 Health Foods to Increase Your Energy after Lunch.”

Must-Have Knowledge Is Coveted by the Internet

Headlines that engage readers

Headlines that create critical associations often spur people to click through to the article, and positioning content as containing must-know facts is one way to do that. A study from Okdork notes that a statistic in your title can increase performance up to 10 times. Simply including words such as statistics, figures, or facts in the headline and implying the knowledge is essential drives traffic.

Emotional Elements Engage More Readers

Figure out how to draw on reader emotions in your headline to drive more engagement. Titles that create or promise amusement, surprise, beauty, inspiration, shock or heart-warming content all perform better than titles that play it completely straight. Do keep long-term audience relationships in mind, though, and avoid headlines that are deceptive or over promise on content that doesn’t deliver.

Hints at the Content Type Trigger Click-Throughs

Increase traffic and the chance of connecting with the right audience for the content type by including it in the headline. Tell readers there’s going to be a video, or entice them with the promise of images and charts. Titles such as “These 15 Charts Show You How to Lose Weight Fast” often perform better than “15 Ways to Shed Pounds Now,” because charts, graphs, pictures, and videos up the entertainment value of your post.

Headlines are extremely powerful content elements that can make or break performance. To increase traffic on your site, implement headline best practices, work with professional writers who can craft audience-winning titles.

Sarah Stasik

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Sarah is an experienced writer and copyeditor with a background in project management. She’s Six Sigma Black Belt certified and leverages her knowledge of statistical analysis, process improvement and content marketing to help clients engage audiences and increase conversions.

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