Effective Facebook SEO Tactics Every SMB Should Use

Effective Facebook SEO Tactics Every SMB Should UseWhile the basic principles of good SEO are fairly straightforward, it’s the nitty-gritty that confounds many small businesses.

To achieve serious results with SEO, you’ll need to dig down and get a bit more specific. Without a doubt, Facebook Pages can be powerful tools in the fight for superior SERPs rankings.

The following Facebook SEO tips should improve brand visibility and lead to greater sales and conversions in the future.

Optimize About Page Keywords

The most important part of any given Facebook Page is the About section. Try to shoot for a description of your business that’s less than 100 characters in length if possible.

Since brevity is a priority, you’ll need to choose the keywords that best describe your business and its specialty carefully. Be sure to include the full URL of your primary website’s domain name as well as your phone number.

Keep Your Keywords Uniform

The keywords that you use in your Wall posts will no doubt change to suit the needs of specific promotional efforts over time.

However, it’s important that you select a core group of major keywords that you’ll use uniformly throughout your Facebook Page or Pages. This will help you to solidify a brand identity for your SMB and hopefully boost SERPs results over the long haul. 

Pay Attention to Image SEO

Optimizing your images to reinforce your business’s SEO health is incredibly important on Facebook. For starters, it’s a good idea to rename your image files to include major and minor keywords that are pertinent to your overall SEO strategy.

In addition, try to host your images from a cookie-less domain. Lastly, be sure to optimize the keywords used in the alt and title tags for all images. 

Leverage Vanity URLs

As soon as your Page is “liked” by 25 people, you can apply for a custom vanity URL. Before you even create a Page, you should have a vanity URL already picked out.

Typically, most SMBs simply go with their company name. If your company name is particularly short, you can tack on a few additional keywords that more thoroughly describe your business’s mission statement and niche. 

Drive Traffic to Offsite Content

Facebook is a “walled garden” of sorts in several ways. While some content posted on Facebook will eventually show up in the SERPs, you might as well play it safe and use Facebook Pages to send traffic to your primary website.

Host the bulk of your content on domains that are more open to indexing by major search engines. Be sure to cross-promote your Facebook Page from your website. 

Work Smarter, Then Harder

There are few businesses in existence that can’t benefit from a moderate helping of Facebook promotion. Before you invest a serious amount of time in your Facebook Page, you should learn to get the most from your efforts.

Once you know the ropes of proper Facebook SEO, you can get down to brass tacks and take your social media marketing to the next level for the good of your business. 


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