How to Create Email Marketing Content Your Audience will Love

Using email marketing content can help keep customers engaged.

Using email marketing content can help keep customers engaged.

Email newsletters are an effective tool that allows you to maintain an ongoing relationship with your customers. Depending on the purpose and goal of your website, sending out a regular newsletter can:

  • Create a sense of loyalty and community among your subscribers
  • Enhance your reputability in your field
  • Allow you to announce new products and services
  • Create new possibilities for monetization  

You may be worried that your customers would see a regular newsletter as junk mail cluttering their inbox. That is a valid concern with a very simple solution: don’t send junk mail! According to Brian Massey of Content Marketing Institute, your customers are not interested in promotional emails from your company. They want email that will educate or entertain them.

So, how do you generate attention-grabbing newsletters that will benefit your business? Where do you find email marketing content that will interest your subscribers? If your website has a blog, you probably already have a ton of great content at your fingertips!

Blog Posts Can Power Your Newsletters

Having a blog that is regularly maintained is essential to building a loyal customer base. Posting fresh content three or four times per month sends a message to your customers that you are up-to-date on the issues that matter to them.

Regular blogging also provides you with a quick and easy way to create a newsletter. Perhaps you have a blog post that sparked a reaction in your community of readers. Maybe you announced a company milestone or a new product or service you are offering. By converting your blog post into a newsletter, you can be sure to reach your target audience, even if they missed the blog update.

When you have a regularly updated blog, creating email marketing content can take as little as 20 minutes.

Making Sure Your Newsletter Finds the Inbox

Luke Guy from Convince and Convert offers several tips to help you keep your newsletters from being classified as junk mail. Among them are:

  • Keep the newsletter brief
  • Use the recipient’s name
  • Include no more than one link
  • Drop the images
  • Use fresh, relevant content (it’s easier than you think!)

By sending out a regular newsletter, you can reach more customers, drive up your website’s traffic and create a stronger online presence. 

Katelyn Macdonald

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Katelyn Macdonald is an experienced freelancer with a Bachelors of Science in Business. Her work includes, but is not limited to, blog posts, product reviews and press releases. She also has experience in writing articles pertaining to travel and health-related topics. Katelyn Macdonald works hard to ensure her clients' satisfaction.

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0 thoughts on “How to Create Email Marketing Content Your Audience will Lov …”

  • Avatar
    Lewis Kipling says:

    Katelyn, my favorite element in this whole piece (which is written very well, of course) is the link on: “it’s easier than you think!” Made me smile. Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Thank you for pointing out a valid point – “don’t send junk.” I’ve worked with clients over the years who are only interested in promotional emails. I’ve subscribed to newsletters that are nothing but marketing material. I can honestly say, the majority of those messages end up ignored or lead to fewer subscribers. Relevant, useful content with the occasional bit of marketing helps keep subscribers interested and coming back to your site.

  • Avatar

    I have hesitated on email marketing. You lay it out nicely and concisely and make it so much easier. I had not thought of some of these suggestions and will now be utilizing them in my marketing strategies. I look forward to seeing these new results and learning more on email marketing.

  • Avatar
    Georgia Potts says:

    Sending junk is definitely the most common ways that people lose their marketing lists. It’s hard to send messages that won’t be perceived that way, and adding informational value to the message is really the key.

    • Avatar

      What are people thinking when they send out junk? Do they honestly expect to get positive results from doing that? People who send out worthless content deserve to lose their mailing lists.

      • Avatar
        Georgia Potts says:

        I agree. Unless you have something of value to contribute to those who have joined your list, you shouldn’t be sending out anything at all.

  • Avatar

    I think newsletters are a great resource for businesses but they need to be kept informative to avoid appearing as a continual sales pitch.

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