5 Things that Make Email Marketing Successful

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Email marketing success is one of the brass rings that any SMB strives for on the web advertising battlefield. No matter what your goals or your specialty may be, every email campaign that achieves its desired results has at least 5 traits in common. When crafting your long term email marketing game plan, be sure that your individual email posts and your overall strategy feature each of the following qualities.

1. Authority

Establishing yourself as an authority in your field can only be accomplished the old-fashioned way: by demonstrating said authority through valuable, high-quality email blasts. Rather than inundating your audience with a flood of information, package your wisdom in compact, easy-to-digest nuggets. It’ll take time and hard work to earn the trust of your audience. If you need to hire outside help to accomplish this feat, it makes sense to spend some money on professional writers.

2. Consistency

Many a promising email marketing campaign has floundered due to a lack of consistency. Your email missives should be issued on a daily, bi-weekly or weekly schedule with regularity. Sticking to a timetable for email publication will ensure that your audience knows when to expect your informative letters. Also, a consistent tone is of the utmost importance when attracting a rabid following. Newcomers will be more likely to subscribe to your digital newsletter if you’re predictable.

3. Timeliness

High-quality content has no expiration date in the email marketing game. However, timing your transmissions to be as relatable as possible is a critical consideration. Though your email marketing campaigns should have an overriding theme, weaving in current events and tying them back to the central thrust of your content will make your emails seem more relevant. This approach has the added benefit of boosting SERPs rankings for your primary web properties.

4. Restraint

The most important part of email marketing is holding back something that’s actually worth paying for in the end. Your free content will serve as the appetizer. Your paid content, products and services are the full meal deal. Learning where to stop when it comes to giving away complimentary information and advice is a tough balancing act to nail down. Still, it’s the most crucial part of email marketing.

5. Shareability

Putting out content that lends itself to shareability and that may go viral under the right circumstances is an important goal for email marketers of all stripes. Convincing your subscribers to forward your messages to friends and colleagues can lead to further signups that will expand your newsletter’s reach. A greater following is one of the primary end goals of email marketing, after all. Just be sure that you don’t sacrifice quality in the pursuit of mass appeal.

Parting Words

Details like niche research and A/B testing are important when crafting a winning email marketing campaign. Ultimately, the technical minutiae will be less of a factor in your success than the aforementioned considerations. Like most marketing mediums, email is all about connecting with your audience in a meaningful way that spurs action from your following. You’ll find it difficult to succeed with email marketing if your campaigns lack these 5 essential qualities.


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