5 Essential Steps to Building an Effective Content Strategy

You already know how important fresh, relevant SEO content is to your enterprise – blogs, white papers and website copy don’t just impact your ranking among the search engine results pages (SERP’s), your online content lets the world know who you are, what you do and most importantly, why they should trust you.

Effective content marketing is all about attracting new customers, and engaging with your exisiting audience- without pitching and selling.

Here’s steps you can take to increase the return on investment from your SEO content with your own content strategy:

1. Identify Your Target Market

The first step in any marketing campaign is identifying your audience – since content marketing is essentially an ongoing, subtle promotional technique, it’s important to target the right customers. Develop a persona of your ‘ideal’ audience member, and create your content with that person in mind.

2. Focus On Solutions

What value are you adding to your audience with your content? Online users are looking for solutions (sometimes for problems they don’t even know they have) – whether that be a cure from their mid-day boredom or advice on how to repair something, think about why your content is appealing to your readers.

3. Plan For The Long Run

Content marketing is more than a one-time email blast or a few blog posts – it’s a long-term strategy to promote your brand and engage your customers. Aim to make your content ‘evergreen’ and relevent to your audience both now and in the future.

4. Set A Schedule

Content marketing requires ongoing attention through interaction with social media feeds, response to current trends and seasonal promotions. Many content marketing newbies tend to front-load their websites and blogs with a ton of great content, only to loose interest a few months down the line – this leaves the audience with the impression that either the business has folded, or the owner just doesn’t care anymore.

Keep track of your SEO content distribution with a schedule – that way, you’ll keep your audience engaged with a steady stream of fresh, relevant SEO content that encourages repeat visits to your website, blog or social media feed.

5. Get Help From The Pros

Many content marketing hopefuls fall flat when it comes to actually developing their content – that’s where professional SEO content writers can help out.


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Drew Davis is a full-time professional copywriter who crafts web-optimised newsletters, blogs, product descriptions, press releases and articles. Drew has a solid track record of producing content that is engaging, meaningful and accessible. She translates complex ideas and concepts into scannable, sharable copy that delivers real results for her clients.

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