4 Companies That Are Crushing It With Content Marketing

A winning content marketing strategy can take your business to the next level. Consumers respond to content marketing because it educates, informs and entertains them, and businesses participate in it because it fosters communication and engagement with their consumers.

But what separates a content marketing strategy that is merely average or good from an exceptional one? If you look at the companies that are crushing it with content marketing, you’ll notice a few common threads running through their campaigns.

First-rate content marketing strategies create demand by challenging consumers to expand their thinking. They use natural openings to position specific products and services as logical solutions to consumers’ problems. They establish trust and credibility by offering value without asking anything in return. Lastly, a great content marketing strategy provides entertainment value.

Here are four companies that are crushing it with content marketing:


TED crushing it with content marketing

TED is a nonprofit organization founded on the idea that people crave information and want to be challenged. TED disseminates information through short, inspirational speeches, which the company calls “talks.”

Perhaps you’ve watched a TED talk yourself. You’ve almost certainly seen one shared on your Facebook or Twitter feed, as they consistently go viral. The company’s YouTube channel receives a staggering 17 page views per second.

Lesson: It isn’t just “epic fail” videos or Jimmy Fallon goofing off with celebrities that go viral. People want to be informed, inspired and challenged. You’re already an authority in a niche; that’s why you have a business. Consider sharing your knowledge through valuable content marketing.


Shopify crushing it with content marketing

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that helps retailers and entrepreneurs simplify the process of selling their goods and services online. The company’s software has powered everything from small online stores to Amazon’s Webstore.

The Shopify website features a blog and an extensive resource center. The blog gets regularly updated with articles, often featuring tips and advice from big-time influencers in the e-commerce niche. Its resource center is packed with information that a budding entrepreneur needs to grow an online store.

Lesson: Educating and informing your customers provides a natural opening to position your company’s products and services without appearing pushy or blatantly promotional. The Shopify resource center offers a crash course on e-commerce that can bring a complete newbie up to speed. But it also positions Shopify as the logical provider of choice when setting up an online store.


Core Power crushing it with content marketing

CorePower, a fitness company started in Denver in 2002, took less than a decade to become the nation’s largest yoga chain. It did so without running TV, radio or newspaper ads. The company recognized the power of social media before most of its competitors did.

CorePower established a presence on the big social networks and built a massive following by offering informative content. The company also posted all its workouts online so those unable to make it to a physical CorePower location could follow along at home.

Lesson: It sounds counterintuitive —€” why give away information for free online that you’re trying to get customers to show up and pay for? But it worked to build the company’s reputation and brand awareness. The strategy also expanded the company’s geographic footprint as the online workouts drummed up demand for CorePower studios in new markets all over the country.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue crushing it with content marketing

Gorilla Glue offers an extensive line of super glues, sealants and adhesives. These might sound like the least-exciting products. How, you might be wondering, does content involving hot glue sticks or mounting tape ever go viral?

But the company has built an impressive online following by featuring creative content marketing prominently on its website.

Its “tough stories” series features real customers telling interesting and sometimes funny stories about how they used Gorilla Glue products to save the day when things went wrong on a construction project or household repair.

The website also features a “projects” series where customers can submit photos and videos of things they created using Gorilla Glue products. The company takes the best submissions and features them on the page.

Lesson: You can make your content marketing interesting no matter your product or service. The key is offering something to which your target market can relate. In the case of Gorilla Glue, the company is targeting construction professionals and DIY hobbyists. Its content marketing strategy resonates with these consumers because it takes something relevant to their everyday lives and makes it both informative and engaging.

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