3 Reasons Why Spring Calls for a Content Refresh

St. Patty’s Day is just a few days away and that means it is time to enjoy a little luck of the Irish.

Of course, the best luck is the luck you make for yourself. If you are looking to make a little extra luck for your business this spring, some new content marketing might be exactly the four leaf clover you are looking for.

Not sure what new content would be the best lucky charm for your business?

Consider one of these ideas while taking advantage of our St. Patrick’s Day promotion.

1. Summer is Sooner Than You Think

Memorial Day is May 30th this year, which means there are roughly two and half months until summer begins in the minds of most Americans. People are about to start purchasing their summer wardrobe and making summer plans, if they haven’t already.

Image source: fanpop
Image source: fanpop

This is the perfect time to update your content marketing with promotions on summer goods and services.

Fresh new compelling product descriptions can give you a sales boost by enticing customers to buy and also help you find new customers by improving your ranking in search engine results.

2. Every Season Deserves a Promotion

There is a reason that Crowd Content is doing a new promotion right now and it isn’t because we really love leprechauns.

Image source: openwalls
Image source: openwalls

Well, that isn’t the ONLY reason

Regular seasonal promotions are great for building and maintaining customer engagement.

Odds are your business hasn’t had a promotion since the Christmas season. That was almost three months ago.

Keep your customers engaged with a new promotion, whether it be for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the start of spring, or National Frozen Food Month (seriously, it is a thing).

Once you have worked out your promotion, the best way to advertise it is with e-mail content, a newsletter, or landing page content. A Crowd Content writer can easily assist with any type of content.

3. Free Blog Sundays

Does your business have a blog that is updated daily or weekly? If so, you are already getting creative fresh content regularly.

The 15% deposit bonus means that you could get a bonus blog post. Think of it as “free blog Sundays”.

And if your business doesn’t have a blog, you should consider starting one. It is difficult to overstate the impact a blog can have on your business, especially in creating customer engagement.


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Mickey has degrees in linguistics and logic from a top 25 university. He has been writing online for the approximately five years, specializing in gaming, hobbies, and media. He has never missed a deadline. Quality and speed are equally important to Mickey and he'll never sacrifice one for the other.

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