27 Kick A- – CTAs That Make You Buy and Do Sh–

Don’t blame me. It’s Thug Kitchen’s fault. They changed how we look at writing text and this is changing CTAs. Not only is the Thug Kitchen cookbook filled with more expletives than a fifth grade school yard, but it probably has people walking up and down the aisles at grocery stores asking where sh– is…

So what is Thug Kitchen and what does it have to do with CTAs?

1. Its a recipe book, and

2. A lot.

Here’s the deal. Whether it’s for a description, a product or a service, the CTA you use is big. In marketing terms, what Thug Kitchen did for food was genius, but Thug Kitchen isn’t owned by two thugs. They don’t even drive a jacked-up food truck with spinning wheels in South Central either, Ese.


Thug Kitchen is a company that designed a cookbook, Eat Like You Give a F—. The company was started by two yuppies from Beverly Hills. But no one knew because they know how to write sh- – well, and so will you with these kick a- – CTAs.

HubSpot believes that call to action (CTA) examples can help with your writing because they can be click-worthy, simple and yet very effective. You’re drawn in by the use of word play whether it’s eloquently presented or raunchy as f—. So let’s begin with the thug style CTAs first and then we’ll touch on the elegant and refined stuff to help you spice yo’ sh- – up. Okay, enough already…

Thug Kitchen Style CTAs

You may never use these unless a client has a specific audience that doesn’t mind the language. These work because they’re so outside of the box. And who curses about lettuce anyway? Check them out:

  • Grill the Sh – – outta lettuce with these f- – – ing recipes.
  • Do your f—ing part. Share on Facebook.
  • Broaden your f- – – ing horizons with wholesome veggie goodness.
  • Get.This.Book. MoFo
  • Get F – – – ing serious. Buy the DVD.
  • Roast the Sh- – out of Eggplant. Learn how here…
  • WTF aren’t you ordering these already?
  • Clear the room bit—es! This deal’s today only!

Yup, we know. Made you laugh and/or just shake your head. Now onto 27 CTAS you can really use…

27 CTAs You Can Use

Use verb and action CTAs

Wishpond suggests to use wording in the CTA that will stress urgency. These can be directional to help solve a problem. Here are a few examples:

  • Stop losing clients and start your free trial now.
  • Get more likes and clicks today.
  • Build your following today.
  • Join the fastest network of entrepreneurs.
  • Learn more about product placement.
  • Discover new tablet features now.

Make the CTA negative

Similar to the verb/action CTAs, negative CTAS emphasize a problem reinforcing that a solution is only a click away. Check these out:

  • Sick of losing customers? Sign up here.
  • Troubled with payments? Register now.
  • Worried about conversions? Let us help.
  • Confused about marketing? Get our free tools.

Use targeted CTAs

A client may let you know how they are going to use the CTA. If they don’t, remember to consider the target audience. Check these out:

  • Evernote: Remember Everything.
  • Dropbox: Don’t get dropped. Sign up for free.
  • OfficeVibe: Get our tips straight to your inbox, and become a better manager.
  • Netflix: Watch anywhere. Cancel Anytime. Join Free for a Month.
  • Square: Get out of the box and start selling today.
  • Prezi: Software for when it matters. NOW.
  • Panthera: Get closer to big cats.
  • Aquapresso: Send my specials. I love a good deal.
  • Quicksprout: Are you doing your SEO wrong? Enter your URL to find out.
  • Greygoose: Discover a cocktail tailored to your taste.
  • Treehouse: Change your career. Change your life.
  • Best Foundation Marketing: Get Better Conversions Now.
  • Restaurant Reservations: Book a Table Now.
  • Red Man Chewing Tobacco: Oh Spit. Sign me up.

A few tips on CTAs

Remember, targeted wording can help make a sale when people see what they need to.

  • Don’t use Download. Instead use Get Your Free E-Book.
  • Don’t use Submit. Instead use Get a Free Quote.
  • Don’t use Buy Now. Instead use Save 25% Now.

A change in wording can increase conversions for your client. Your client may use their marketer to test out CTA combinations to see how their conversion rates change and hopefully they’ll be pleased because your CTAs are simple, elegant and the MoFo best!

I hope you like this collection of CTAs and got a good laugh. If you have any questions or comments please let me know!


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Nikki is a gifted and successful writer in grad school who has been writing freelance for the past few years. Her writing has been used in various publications, e-books, articles, blogs, tutorials, and websites. She has worked with many clients where she has published articles and books.

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