Guest Blogging Still Works. Here’s How

guest tagIn light of recent comments by Google’s Matt Cutts regarding guest blogging, many assume that the tactic has no relevance anymore. The reality is that guest blogging is still highly effective when utilized in the proper manner. Focusing on quality and avoiding bad blogging practices are the keys to getting the most from guest posts. If you adhere to the following guidelines, guest blogging can still have a positive impact on your SEO health.

Use High-Authority Authors

Taking advantage of the clout that comes with respected authorities to give your site a SERPs boost is the best way to leverage guest blogging. The increasing importance of Authorship as an ingredient in Google’s ranking algorithms means that author reputation is a major contributor to the success of guest posts. While you don’t need to attract world-famous authors, you should get respected figures in your niche.

Stay on Topic

A guest blog post should be relevant to the blog it’s posted on rather than the guest poster’s core audience. Ideally, posts will be mutually beneficial to both parties. Transparently self-serving articles will come off as spammy. This is precisely the behavior that Cutts warned about when he jumped the gun by claiming that guest blogging was dead. Be sure that guest posts target the blog’s audience rather than the guest’s.

Minimize Self-Serving Links

It’s incredibly important to avoid self-serving links that detract from the main message of a guest post. Including a link to a website or brand name in the author’s byline is sufficient. When it comes to using guest blogging to build a reputation, slow and steady wins the race. Overly promotional guest blogging is a surefire way to shoot yourself and your guest poster in the foot.

Publish Timely Content

Both Google and Bing are placing an increasing emphasis on the timeliness of content in regards to SERPs rankings. Guest posts aren’t really a great way to put out evergreen content. However, they are a good way to capitalize on trending topics by bringing in respected authors that can expound on them. Just be sure to publish content on subjects that aren’t too flavor-of-the-month to achieve considerable results.

Take the Path Less Traveled

The biggest problem with the vast majority of blog posts is that they don’t say anything particularly unique. If you want a guest blog post to succeed, it has to tackle a problem or topic from an angle that hasn’t been considered before. Coming up with a unique approach to a common issue is tough but ultimately the only way to win with guest blogging efforts.

Guest Blogging the Right Way

It’s not that difficult to make your guest blogging produce results if you avoid shortsighted tactics and shoot for quality. Go back to the basics of what makes for great blog posts and don’t even consider using gimmicks. Taking shortcuts is a sure path to SERPs penalties for your web properties. Long story short, guest blogging still has a bright future if you’re willing to put in the effort.


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