5 of the Best Ways For Your Article to Grab Attention on Social Media

Five of the Best Ways For Your Article to Grab Attention on Social Media

Social media has become essential in the world of content marketing, especially when it comes to promoting articles on a blog.

This is a long-standing fact in the freelancing world; posting to a collective site where others can easily share your post is the hottest new "word of mouth" advertising available.

As a tool, there are ways to use it effectively and a few simple ways to make it work better for every blog post you create, increasing your readership.

1. Use Optimal Share Times

This tip comes first because it is most important. Marketers have researched the best time to share content, and as a blogger, you should be taking advantage of this research.

Many bloggers use trial and error to discover the best time to post, but a combination of pre-built research combined with personal research is the best way to discover when your friends are most likely to share content you've posted.

2. Tailored Posts

This tip works twofold – tailor the posts to the audience on the social media site, as well as to the specific site. Some sites are more formal while others are more laid back, as are the people that use them.

Consider the blog post, its content, and where it would benefit the most people. Look over your friends' list as well; are these people the type that would enjoy this content?

Perhaps there is another social media outlet that would accept the content faster. Posts should always be tailored to audience and forum.

3. Post More Than Once

Use this suggestion with caution.  Over posting anything will turn the audience off to all posts. However, there's no reason to not share more than once. Posting a blog article more than once will increase traffic as more people have a chance to see the post.

Time the double posts, however; perhaps consider an early morning and late night posting. You'll reach the early birds and the night owls.

4. Ask for Feedback

Don't be shy – ask your audience what they love about your writing. If you think your writing is great but no one else likes it, it will go nowhere. We all love what we've written, and as writers, we are giving a piece of ourselves away.

However, if we want the attention that turns into revenue, we must bite the bullet and ask our audience what makes them pay attention to us. Adjust as necessary in response to the comments.

5. Test it Out

A/B testing is very popular in social media tests, so go ahead and use a popular post to test your audience. Rework the post to test if certain language or topics work better or worse for your audience. Paired with feedback, testing in an A/B fashion will help you understand where your writing should be going.

Remember that time is n important factor in this type of testing, as is the posting strategies mentioned above.

How will you improve your social strategy? What improvements have you already made that are working for you? Let us know in the comments below!

Joanna Morgan

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Joanna holds a degree in English, Medical Assisting and Early Childhood Development. She is an experience writer in the areas of online marketing, SEO, childhood development, preschool lesson plan writing, and customer service methods. She will deliver the high quality content you deserve!

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0 thoughts on “5 of the Best Ways For Your Article to Grab Attent …”

  • Avatar

    It just hadn’t occurred to me before that the time you share something even mattered. I think of the Internet as being a 24-hour machine, but I can see the logic there.

    • Avatar
      Myra Michaels says:

      Georgia, I am like you and just thought of the Internet being active 24 hours a day, especially since we cover so many time zones in various countries. Jean, it is interesting to see what you suggested as to when to post, and I totally agree with your thoughts.

  • Avatar

    Research has shown that one of the best times to post is around the times people are getting ready to go to work and right around the timeframe that they are getting home from work, as this is when most people check their Twitter feeds and other social network sites.

  • Avatar
    Kaye McGregor says:

    Interesting and informative post. I honestly didn’t know about the timing part. And you made me smile when you said that “we all love what we’ve written” because I thought that feeling was my own little egotistical secret, LOL! I definitely hope to read more of your work.

  • Avatar

    A/B testing is a very interesting concept. I love social experiments and this is a great way to use them to develop your social media content.

  • Avatar
    Charmaine Lady says:

    I have been under the ‘Old Skool’ rule of thumb that double submitting ANYTHING is not the way to go. I may take a couple of my favorites and give them another cycle to see what happens. Great tips, again. Thank you.

  • Avatar

    I also had not considered the timing of posting on the internet, what a great tip. Asking for feedback can feel exposing but is important. I often feel exposed by the commitment of hitting the post or send button when I feel I am satisfied with my work knowing it reveals much about me as an individual, my thoughts, opinions & style.

    • Avatar
      Earl Dotson says:

      It’s not easy feeling exposed, but in the Internet age we all just have to figure out how to get used to it. Hopefully it’s easier to feel that way when you’re happy with the work you’re sending out for the world to see.

  • Avatar
    Helen Downing says:

    Nicely done. I’m always vacillating with my social media since some things get tremendous response and others feel like they’ve been set free to wander the ether undisturbed. But I think I’m learning that memes and images work well, at least way better than plain text. Thanks!

    • Avatar

      Memes and images absolutely are much better than plain text. In the Internet era, almost anything probably works better than plain text.

    • Avatar
      Earl Dotson says:

      There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to why some things get enormous notice online and others get practically none. We have to stop trying to figure it out and just go with the flow.

      • Avatar
        Georgia Potts says:

        I agree. Sometimes the most ordinary thing seems to blow up while cool things that I discover seem to go nowhere. There’s just no way to predict viral.

  • Avatar
    Earl Dotson says:

    Great article. The suggestion about posting more than once is an intriguing one. It’s not something I would have thought of before, but this article shows it can work. Timing the double posts is a great idea.

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