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Why Can’t I Submit My Order?

Layout Tool

Some orders use a custom layout tool that requires the content to be captured in a certain way. Its possible for these fields to have a set of rules applied to them that must be met before submission. Those rules can range from word and character count limits to the field just being required. The status of a field is indicated just below it with an triangle warning.

Word Counts and Field Requirements

In some cases the custom layout will be split across many sections. Depending on the clients requirements those sections if filled out will need to meet the field rules that are set. These can be different from order to order so verify the instructions before proceeding.

If you’ve met the minimum word count and the submit button still will not activate it will most likely be due to the above reasons.

If you’ve added content to a field but the word count is not registering this is most likely due to the fact that you’ve pasted in the content and the field failed to count the words that you are trying to add. To fix the issue click into the field and press a key e.g. “space” to get it to count the words. Another way to force a count on the words is to save a draft then reload the page.

Updated on February 21, 2020

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