Worker Code of Ethics

To become a worker with Crowd Content, there’s more required to the job than awesome writing and editing skills. We expect our workers to hold themselves to a high level of professionalism to ensure that clients are happy and projects move along smoothly. To that end, we expect all Crowd Content workers to adhere to the following. Note that repeated infractions could lead to a loss of claim limit or star quality or removal from the platform. 

  • I will demonstrate professionalism at all times with clients, staff and other workers. 
  • I will not offer personal contact information to any client or contact them off the platform.
  • When I claim an order, I will treat that as a commitment. I will make sure I only claim orders I am qualified to write, and I will not drop any if better work comes along. I will also not claim more orders than I know I can complete in the expected timeframe. 
  • If I need an extension, I will not submit incorrect or incomplete content and ask for the order to be sent back. I will also not take advantage of the flagging system to avoid getting a strike for dropping an order. 
  • When a new project drops, I will proceed slowly at the beginning and make sure I completely understand the project and have gotten feedback from the client/editor/QA before claiming multiple orders. 
  • I will always read the project brief/order instructions thoroughly. If there is missing information or something is unclear, I will reach out to the client/PM for help before writing/editing. If they aren’t responsive, I will file a support ticket. 
  • I will always take the time to give my submissions a quick proofread — even if there is an editing layer on the order.
  • I will always give the client/PM plenty of notice if I can’t complete an order on time. 
  • If a revision request comes along with brand-new instructions that make it a rewrite, I will contact support first rather than just dropping the order.
  • I will not plagiarise. That includes changing just enough words so the order doesn’t set off Copyscape. I will also not reuse text from one order or to another – whether it’s with the same or different clients/projects.
Updated on May 14, 2021

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