Thought Leadership Central: How to Write a White Paper

Comprehensive marketing strategies include many different types of optimized content. Sales funnels often begin with social media ads, pay-per-click ads and other types of microcontent. Advertorials — ads disguised as regular articles — drive traffic to landing pages; blog posts do the same thing. Then you have long-form editorials and white papers. But what are white […]

White Paper Examples & How to Advice to Drive Amazing Results

We created this post to answer many of the questions our clients had about white paper creation and provide some good white paper examples. Please get in touch if you have any other questions.  Marketers that understand how to create content for every stage of the buyer journey know that leveraging different types of content […]

The 3 Types of White Papers – And Why You Should Care

Some marketers are a bit like cats — they love chasing after laser beams and shiny objects, but they’re frequently left with little to show for their efforts. That’s because innovation often comes at the expense of efficacy. What’s new and different isn’t necessarily what works the best, and that’s why CEOs using Snapchat filters […]

White Paper or E-Book: What’s the Difference?

Content marketing is often about selling products or selling services. But certain forms of content marketing are instead about selling solutions, strategies, or techniques. The two main ways to market a strategy is with a white paper or with an e-book. Which option you use depends entirely on type of strategy or solution you are […]

5 Time-saving Tips for White Paper Writers

White papers are a highly effective marketing tool that, when done correctly, can relay content that is rich in information. Whether you are writing the white paper yourself, or hiring a professional writer to create an effective white paper, you can: Provide valuable information about current events and how they affect your company Present new […]

White Label Content Writing for Agencies

The landscape of digital marketing is like one of those Zen sand art displays people love to plop on their desks. As soon as the sand settles into eye-catching lines and you get to know the picture in front of you — flip! Everything is on its head, and it’s time to recalibrate and see […]

Key Distinctions to Know About Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing

You shouldn’t be asking whether to go with content strategy vs. content marketing. It isn’t an either-or proposition. Both are vital if you intend to reach your audience successfully. Read on for an explanation of content strategy and content marketing, two different but interrelated aspects of your overall digital content strategy. What’s the Difference Between […]

5 Best Grammar Tools for Content Writing

There they are, invading your copy — misspelled words, rogue commas, and muddled sentences. Writers of all skill levels grapple with these issues, but the best grammar tools on the market can save the day. Supercharged by artificial intelligence, they sweep away mistakes, improve clarity, and make it easier for readers to consume your content.  […]

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