Crowd Content’s Core Values

  1. Create High-Quality Content – All content produced on the Crowd Content platform should follow the client’s instructions and be written in a knowledgeable and engaging manner. Don’t settle for mediocrity! What you write or edit should engage readers and keep them glued to the page.
  2. Deliver Fast Turnaround Times – Do your best to complete orders as quickly as possible. Be careful, though. We don’t want you to sacrifice quality for speed.
  3. Be Extremely Reliable – If you claim an order, complete it on time. Do not claim orders you can’t complete by the due date, and don’t abuse the flagging system or create excuses for the editors to try to get more time. Also, always respond to messages from the clients and Project Managers in a timely fashion.

Professionalism is an important trait our freelancers must have. That means being respectful when dealing with clients, project managers, and peers, but it also has to do with the way we work. Before you start writing or editing on the Crowd Content platform, please familiarize yourself with our Worker Code of Ethics.

Updated on May 14, 2021

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