Information Gain – What Google needs to see from your SEO content

Key Topics:

  • What is information gain
  • Why information gain matters to Google
  • How to add information gain to your content
  • Research / Examples to quantify what qualifies as information gain


Bernard Huang

Bernard Huang


Bernard is the Founder at Clearscope, the #1 Content-first SEO Platform. Prior to bootstrapping Clearscope, Bernard started an SEO agency that consulted with brands like DoorDash, AllTrails, Compass, Strava, and more.

Carlos Meza
President & CEO

Crowd Content

Carlos is a guiding voice in an SEO and content creation industry brimming with turbulent growth. As CEO of Crowd Content Media, Inc., a leading content writing platform, Carlos has leveraged his past experience as a technology executive, engineer, and corporate financier to bring innovative end-to-end content creation solutions to SMBs and enterprise clients around the globe — delivering high-quality, scalable products through the marriage of human talent, technology, automation, and artificial intelligence.