Boosting Brand Impact with SEO & Community Marketing

Key Topics:

  • The importance of creating an independent community for a brand
  • How SEO can be a pivotal tool in setting up a community marketing flywheel, ensuring sustainable brand success
  • How content creation can be employed at each of the 5 stages of the community marketing flywheel.
  • Leverage SEO strategies to bolster brand marketing and foster a sense of community among their target audiences.


Travis Tallent
VP, SEO @ Brainlabs

Travis Tallent is the VP of SEO at Brainlabs—a global, full-service agency with over 1,000 digital experts—where he leads the SEO and CRO product and teams to ensure they have the right talent, tools, tech, and process to do their jobs exceptionally well.

Carlos Meza
President & CEO @ Crowd Content

Carlos is a guiding voice in an SEO and content creation industry brimming with turbulent growth. As CEO of Crowd Content Media, Inc., a leading content writing platform, Carlos has leveraged his past experience as a technology executive, engineer, and corporate financier to bring innovative end-to-end content creation solutions to SMBs and enterprise clients around the globe — delivering high-quality, scalable products through the marriage of human talent, technology, automation, and artificial intelligence.