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6 Free Easy-to-Use Blog Post Templates

Gain consistency from your writing team and ensure your articles have exactly what searchers want with our free blog post templates.

blog post template

Produce impactful how-tos, listicles, pillar pages, and other blog types by following these simple but effective templates.

Free Project Brief Template

Get a Free Project Brief Template:

project brief template

Improve consistency in content projects with multiple writers and make your content briefs less cluttered with our free project brief template.

Content Calendar Template

Complete this short form to get instant access to our easy-to-use content calendar template.

SEO content calendar template

Scattered information and resources create bottlenecks in your content production. Get everyone on the same page and centralize critical information with Crowd Content’s editorial calendar template.

Content Brief Template

Free Content Checklist

Ebook: What Is Ghostwriting? The Complete Guide to Hiring the Voice Behind Your Message

Learn How to Find & Hire Amazing Ghostwriters to Scale Content and Grow Website Traffic

We give you the lowdown with insider advice for leveraging ghostwriters so your marketing team can smash their content goals.

What you’ll learn from this ebook:

  • What is ghostwriting for business
  • When and why you might need ghostwriters
  • The “Ghostwriting Contract Checklist”
  • How to hire and grow with freelance ghostwriters

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Ebook: The Complete Guide to Creating Location Pages for SEO

Learn How to Create Engaging Location Pages at Scale to Win More Local Business

We share the proven process to drive traffic for local businesses using location pages. From planning to publishing—it’s all here.

What you’ll learn from this ebook:

  • Resources to create location pages at scale
  • The best ways to write content for your business
  • How to win at SEO across tons of content pieces
  • The key elements of amazing location pages

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