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How Crowd Content Helped One Agency Get Their Client 57 Keywords Ranking on Page 1

Industry: Commerce Agency

A Commerce Agency and Crowd Content Case Study

As an Agency that helps grow brands of all sizes and stages, this Commerce Agency works with clients across a wide array of verticals. When the company’s SEO team needed high-quality niche content on subjects ranging from beauty to health and wellness, it turned to Crowd Content for a solution. Recently, we sat down with SEO and Content Marketing Experts from The Agency to discuss the successful partnership. Here’s what they had to say.

The Problem

The Agency is regularly called on to supply keyword-rich blog posts for clients who are building their brand and need to rank highly on major search engines. However, creating the varied, often specialized, content required to satisfy those clients’ diverse needs, while adhering to a limited budget, proved challenging.

The SEO team realized assigning a single in-house writer to content projects wouldn’t provide the specialization needed to succeed. To do so, they would require access to skilled long-form writers who specialize in these verticals and who could consistently deliver high-quality content, regardless of the topic.

Consequently, The Agency began its search for an outsourced copywriting solution. However, finding the high-quality SEO content they needed wasn’t as easy as they’d hoped. Although their other content platform providers had several writers who met the agency’s stringent standards, it wasn’t enough to deliver the volume of content required. They needed a company that could offer access to a larger pool of qualified writers.

The Solution

The Agency’s VP of Performance recommended Crowd Content, having used the service before. Hoping to find the high-quality, SEO-rich content it needed, the agency made the switch.

The Agency primarily uses Crowd Content’s copywriting service for blog posts. Through the platform, the team is able to place open casting calls for copywriters who meet their specific needs. These calls go out to Crowd Content’s pool of more than 5,000 professional copywriters, so the agency can easily find the most suitable writers for the job and submit orders directly to them. Moreover, they can repeat this process for each new client they take on.

A Marketing Expert from the Agency notes that they receive great content right away, saving them from having to vet numerous writers. She said they saw it as a good sign for the success of the partnership. Finding the right writers quickly is often a challenge, she points out, particularly with clients that operate in niche verticals. If you get it wrong, you’re wasting money.

Ultimately, The Agency view their relationship with Crowd Content as a true partnership. They aim to balance the copywriters’ expertise with their own SEO knowledge by providing in-depth outlines, so each piece comes out perfect. Overall, the team finds this strategy to be working well.

The Impact

To date, Crowd Content has already produced 20 to 30 blog posts for many of The Agency’s higher-volume clients. Consequently, the agency has benefited from working with Crowd Content in several crucial areas, including:

  • Client search rankings: Of the blog posts written by Crowd Content writers, easily a quarter have resulted in numerous keywords ranking on page 1 of major search engines. They reference one client, in particular, that saw exceptional results from these outsourced blog posts. Of the 240 total keywords ranking for the page, 57 ranked on page 1. Additionally, the blog post recorded 5,556 page views since being published and likely has had more since the most recent analytics were run.

By applying content written by Crowd Content writers, The Agency has seen the following results:

ClientBlog Name# of Total KWs Ranking# of Page 1 KWs Ranking# of Pageviews Since Publish Date
Client 1Blog 131449951
Blog 2240575,556
Blog 35614475
Blog 43412739
Client 2Blog 14410218
Blog 2116472
Blog 375292
Blog 495446
Blog 5101163
  • Time savings: Because The Agency operates on a strict budget, staff typically only have 20 hours each month to produce SEO content for each client. Writing their own content would be too time-consuming, so Crowd Content has been a time-saving, budget-friendly solution. In addition, they note that Crowd Content’s interface is straightforward, so it’s efficient to work with and makes it easy to train new hires to use the service.
  • Content volume: Because Crowd Content can produce publish-ready content at scale, The Agency can acquire more quality content through the solution. In fact, many of their clients require two to six blog posts per month, which amounts to a high volume of content being written.
  • Communication: The Agency receives personal support and regular communication from Crowd Content staff, something it didn’t experience with its initial content provider. The account manager checks in regularly to assess progress and determine current challenges, so she can help make the process run more smoothly for everyone. Having that extra set of eyes is very helpful, they note.
  • Direct ordering: Crowd Content lets companies place orders directly with writers they’ve chosen, something The Agency greatly appreciates. They can choose writers based on specialization, skill level and personal preference. Plus, direct ordering lets The Agency’s team build relationships with individual writers. They mention one of the agency’s regular Crowd Content writers, who took the time to notify her that she’d be going on vacation and might need extra time to complete forthcoming orders. It made them feel as if the writer was an extended arm of The Agency’s team.
  • Writer availability: According to The Agency’s team, the skill set of Crowd Content’s writers may be the most valuable part of the platform. Although The Agency’s SEO crew is well-versed in short-form content, they aren’t trained copywriters. Crowd Content lets them have access to a pool of more than 5,000 professional writers, many of whom specialize in blog writing and other long-form content. Plus, many of Crowd Content’s copywriters have the specialty knowledge and experience needed to successfully produce content in the niches The Agency’s clients need.
  • Content quality: The Agency appreciates the top-notch quality of the content they receive. The blog posts achieve consistent results despite frequent algorithm shifts that affect SEO.
  • Openness to feedback: They note that Crowd Content is open to evolving, something that’s extremely important in an ever-changing industry. Staff listen to, consider and often implement suggestions. The platform is open to improving their processes based on feedback, something that can’t be said for many copywriting platforms.

Perhaps most importantly, Crowd Content provides the niche content The Agency needs to keep its clients satisfied, while staying comfortably within its budget. The agency plans to continue this successful partnership and hopes to expand its use of the Crowd Content platform going forward.

How Crowd Content Helped an Agency Meet Needs AI Could Not


Industry: Advertising Services

People-Powered Product Descriptions: A Crowd Content & TRIBBUTE Case Study

Artificial intelligence is an up-and-coming player in the content marketing world, but it can’t do everything. Find out how Crowd Content helped an agency meet client needs AI could not.

TRIBBUTE is a boutique digital marketing agency recognizing value for its clients across numerous industries. The team at TRIBBUTE is experienced in data analysis, AI, and paid marketing; however, the agency needs content writers

When the agency broadened its offerings beyond paid media, it was inevitable that high-quality content needed to be provided at scale for its clients, which is why they turned to Crowd Content’s marketplace solution.

The Problem

As TRIBBUTE expanded, the team realized it needed a way to offer clients’ copy for products and SEO pages. This was not an internal core competency, nor was it cost-effective for the agency to invest in a dedicated resource to manage this functionality.

To solve this issue, TRIBBUTE tested several options: 

  • Connecting with freelancers on marketplaces such as Fiverr. Once the team knew it needed human writers, it connected with potential writers on platforms such as Fiverr. However, the lack of consistent processes and a management layer over freelancers with these solutions wasn’t scalable and didn’t work for TRIBBUTE’s needs.
  • Scaling up with Crowd Content’s client marketplace. Ultimately, TRIBBUTE settled on meeting its scaled content needs with Crowd Content’s marketplace solution. 

The Solution

The criteria TRIBBUTE had in mind when vetting solutions included:

  • Consistency in the process
  • Access to writers with experience in specific niches, such as vehicle and technical product detail
  • High-quality content with an ability to scale

Crowd Content’s marketplace solution provided seamlessly for all these needs. The customer success manager assigned to TRIBBUTE’s account worked closely with the TRIBBUTE team to build qualified writing teams and set up style guides for its account. TRIBBUTE had not previously worked with style guides and now uses them as a best practice. The CSM also helped them set up bulk order processes to create even more efficiencies.

The TRIBBUTE team also says they were “wowed” by the quality delivered by Crowd Content’s writers, especially for tasks with high levels of technical specificity. TRIBBUTE has e-commerce clients that sell items such as motorcycle helmets and semi-truck parts. The content written by Crowd Content writers for these technical parts and products easily passed quality checks by the clients.

The Impact

With Crowd Content’s robust writer database and scalable processes, TRIBBUTE can approach growth and client demands more confidently. Our clients have ever-increasing dependencies on the quality of their product feeds and do not have the time to write unique and meaningful content for each product. With Crowd Content, we can easily scale product descriptions and other content requirements for hundreds or thousands of products.

TRIBBUTE has also seen measurable success when using Crowd Content, including higher indexing of client pages in the search engines. 

“With paid media and paid search, teams can eventually hit a wall where opportunities for increased performance are slim,” says Konechny. “We can’t grow the campaigns anymore because the traditional opportunities aren’t there. But we found that if we changed the product feed, we could increase performance.”

By applying content written by Crowd Content writers to those product feeds, TRIBBUTE has seen the following results:

  • ~25% increase in organic impressions over 30 days
  • Between 9-18% traffic increase to content-enhanced pages
  • Between 6-25% increase in paid media traffic through product content enhancements
  • Between 5-8% increase in conversions from content-enhanced product pages

How Crowd Content Helped One Agency Increase Their Turnaround Time by 250%


Industry: Advertising Services

Crowd Content & RYNO Strategic Solutions:  Meeting Challenges With Communication and Quality

RYNO Strategic Solutions, a fast-growing digital marketing agency, needed a better way of meeting client turn-around times and quality needs. After considering around two dozen options, RYNO chose Crowd Content, basing its decision on factors including excellent communication and quality and the ability to support fast turn-around times. 

Find out more about RYNO’s search for a new content provider below and why it chose to partner with Crowd Content. 

The Challenge

RYNO Strategic Solutions is in an exponential growth period, bringing on numerous new clients that require thousands of pages of content a month. The demand for quality content at a fast pace and large scale overwhelmed RYNO’s previous content provider, and the team at RYNO had an aha moment. It realized that it couldn’t and shouldn’t rely on a single provider to cover all its content needs. 

What would happen, asked the RYNO team, if the current vendor kept struggling to meet quality and turn-around expectations? What would happen if the single vendor RYNO used went under or had some other issues? 

The Solution

The solution was to bring in at least one more vendor.

RYNO Strategic Solutions started to explore other options. The lead content manager began with Google searches to identify 20 to 25 potential content vendors. Some of these solutions didn’t have the option to contact sales associates on their websites—you could only start by ordering content. They didn’t make the cut. He reached out to others via email, and only around five companies responded within the first few days. Crowd Content responded within minutes.

It was the excellent communication from the very beginning that made Crowd Content stand out initially. 

“The whole team has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve never had a single bad interaction or left a meeting thinking this person didn’t know what they were talking about. It’s always been professional and kind,” says RYNO’s lead content manager.

Extraordinary communication on the part of the entire Crowd Content team wasn’t the only reason RYNO chose it as a vendor. Other reasons included:

  • Quality. Crowd Content demonstrated quality by providing on-the-house samples so RYNO knew exactly what to expect when working with Crowd Content writers. “If you’re ordering 4-star Crowd Content content,” says RYNO’s content manager, “and you look at it side-by-side with content from services like Textbroker or Writer Access, Crowd Content’s writers are better, in my opinion.”
  • Turn-around times. Turn-around was a huge driver for RYNO, and Crowd Content’s marketplace, which connects clients with thousands of freelance writers, meets or exceeds deadline needs for content.
  • Cost. While Crowd Content wasn’t the cheapest option RYNO considered, there were higher-cost options. And RYNO’s content manager feels that Crowd Content competes on quality with those higher-cost options.
  • Collaboration. From sales to customer service to development, the entire Crowd Content team has worked with RYNO. The content manager even notes that early on, the CEO had a meeting with him — not a sales pitch but a meeting that demonstrated genuine interest in RYNO’s needs and what it needed from Crowd Content. 

RYNO’s content manager also points out that he never felt like Crowd Content was selling him on a solution. Instead, he felt like the entire team was listening to his needs and concerns and then opening a transparent, human-forward dialogue about solutions. 

The Impact

“It makes my job a lot easier not to have to worry about turn-around time,” says RYNO’s content manager. After all, he has to live up to promises made to RYNO’s other teams, which in turn have promises to uphold to clients. 

Turnaround time was a huge struggle for RYNO before Crowd Content, but this partnership has alleviated much of that burden. RYNO’s average turnaround time has been 250% faster since partnering with Crowd Content, and their overall percentage of total content outsourced has shifted from 50% to 80%. 

RYNO has also seen SEO and other wins due to the high-quality content Crowd Content provides. “Quality impacts so much SEO-wise, it’s critical. We have seen improvements with SEO and conversions with Crowd Content’s content compared with lower-quality content.”

Crowd Content Helps Furniture E-retailer Meet SEO Copy Demands

Living Spaces

Industry: Retail

Unique product descriptions are critical to SEO success for e-commerce stores, but they can also be a challenge to create. Discover how Crowd Content helped one company succeed with SEO copy.

Living Spaces & Crowd Content: Successful Product Descriptions at Scale

Living Spaces is a physical and e-commerce furniture store with hundreds of designs and styles to choose from. It sells living room, dining room and bedroom furniture as well as mattresses, home office pieces, rugs, decor, outdoor living items and furniture for kids and teens.

The team at Living Spaces knew that search engine optimization was essential to bringing people to its e-commerce site and product pages. Find out why this furniture retailer turned to Crowd Content and how the marketplace solution benefited it.

The Problem

Living Spaces had one in-house SEO writer charged with creating the content required to compete in search engines. But the business needed a lot of content—product descriptions for hundreds of SKUs at a time. It was apparent one writer couldn’t keep up with the scale, so Living Spaces began to search for a partner.

The first content writing service Living Spaces worked with didn’t meet the company’s quality needs and was not a budget-friendly choice. The service charged a monthly fee on top of fees for each piece of content. 

Living Spaces began to look elsewhere for a solution. Crowd Content’s pricing structure was competitive, and it met the selection criteria. Living Spaces needed:

  • High-quality product SEO copy about furniture and home goods 
  • The ability to scale content creation to hundreds of pages at a time
  • A price that worked with its budget
  • A content provider that could meet turn-around times

The Solution

After a brief trial, it was obvious Crowd Content did meet all of the requirements. Reasons that Living Spaces quickly settled on Crowd Content included:

  • Content quality. Using the four-star writer quality level, Living Spaces received high-quality SEO content that met style and keyword requirements.
  • Turn-around times. According to the Living Spaces content manager, this is a top reason for recommending Crowd Content. “If you need content delivered right away, this is the service for you because the turn-around time is great.”
  • An easy-to-use interface. Living Spaces selected the self-managed marketplace option and found the interface fairly intuitive and easy to use. Crowd Content’s folders option helped Living Spaces keep past orders organized and accessible.
  • Writer communication. The ability to message writers allowed Living Spaces to communicate needs and work with writers to ensure utmost quality. In general, writers were receptive to feedback and even reached out for it when they weren’t sure they understood instructions.
  • Account support. The few times Living Spaces had any issues with the process, its customer success manager was able to solve the problem quickly. 

The Impact

Living Spaces experienced a huge increase in the amount of SEO copy it could publish at once, which impacted the whole team and content marketing process positively. Before the Crowd Content solution, category managers at Living Spaces that ordered content sometimes had to wait for copy. With the outsourced content solution, it’s a much faster turn-around time.

This has also led to better performance for product pages. The team can publish hundreds of SEO product descriptions for a category in one day and see quick results for that category.

And compared to other solutions, including the first content company Living Spaces trialed as well as writing all the copy in-house, Crowd Content saves the team a lot of time and money.

How Crowd Content Helped One Agency Increase Their Client’s Average Page View to a Whopping 6 Minutes


Industry: Advertising Services

Crowd Content & seoplus+: A Case Study

When seoplus+, an award-winning marketing agency, needed to outsource the creation of niche content that met their high standards, they turned to Crowd Content and never looked back. Recently, Juwairiya Kembo, Content Marketing Coordinator and Team Lead at seoplus+, sat down with us to discuss the agency’s decision to partner with Crowd Content and what made the relationship so successful. Here’s the story of that journey.

The Problem

As a digital marketing agency, the content department at seoplus+ delivers strategy-driven content to local and global businesses in various sectors. Although the agency is currently growing its team of internal writers to accommodate these needs, it can’t yet meet the high demand for written content, particularly for clients in niche industries, such as health, finance, legal and IT.

To satisfy its clients’ demanding content requirements, the agency needed access to more specialized copywriters. In particular, it needed writers who could deliver high-quality content that aligned with Google E-E-A-T signals and other crucial SEO elements, while still reflecting the unique brand voices of its client businesses.

The Solution

seoplus+ began its search for a content creation solution. However, the right partner would have to fulfill crucial criteria, such as:

  • Accommodating rapid turnaround times
  • Setting reasonable prices
  • Providing access to writers who specialized in relevant niches
  • Delivering a large volume of high-quality content

Unfortunately, the path forward wasn’t as clear as the agency had hoped. Looking primarily within its current network for a solution, seoplus+ struggled to find a partner that could meet the high standards it demanded. The team found that most platforms just couldn’t generate concise, compelling content that aligned with their SEO strategy.

Because Crowd Content provides a free trial of its content creation platform, the seoplus+ team could explore the solution’s self-serve side at their leisure. In doing so, they discovered a solution that could handle the rapid turnaround times they needed with an interface that seamlessly integrated all aspects of the content ordering process. Plus, Crowd Content immediately assigned an account manager to seoplus+ to guide and support the agency throughout the process.

Then, seoplus+ tried out Crowd Content’s managed services side, which provides a fully managed content delivery experience. Through this service, a content manager creates a dedicated team of qualified copywriters and editors from the company’s pool of more than 5,000 professionals. Using a project brief provided by seoplus+, which contains detailed guidelines for the order, this team then produces publish-ready content for the client.

Because seoplus+ was pushing a lot of niche long-form content at the time, particularly in the health and IT sectors, the team hoped the platform could provide the time-saving solution they needed. So, the agency met with representatives from Crowd Content, who walked them through the process and explained what they could expect.

It was the solution seoplus+ had been hoping for: a platform with writers at all levels who could pen content in specialty niches while meeting the company’s high standards. The platform had excellent functionality, and the staff provided the open, transparent communication that seoplus+ wanted. According to Kembo, despite an initial learning curve, the platform was easy to work with and the price point aligned with the agency’s budget. Considering the solution a good match, seoplus+ signed on with Crowd Content.

The Impact

Since the partnership began, seoplus+ has seen impressive results from Crowd Content’s deliverables, particularly with the long-form content that’s the agency’s staple. As demonstrated in the metrics shown below*, the content has successfully generated organic traffic for seoplus+ clients. Over a 1-month period, these pages have enjoyed multiple views with an average viewing time of over a minute. In fact, one page garnered a whopping average page view of more than 6 minutes. By comparison, the average across industries is typically under a minute.

*Data from November 5, 2022, through December 5, 2022

Post TitlePage ViewsAverage Time on PageEntrances
Distracted Driving Accidents101.372
Driving Under Influence (DUI) Accidents111.132
Public Transport Accidents166.133
Sports Injury Lawyer112.013
Long-Term Disability Claim Lawyer313.166
Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer43.401

Beyond the Metrics

But, the impact of the seoplus+/Crowd Content partnership goes well beyond metrics. Kembo notes a multitude of benefits from the relationship, including:

  • Time savings: Features, such as Crowd Content’s on-platform editing and subject matter expert review have saved time for seoplus+ staff.
  • Client satisfaction: According to Kembo, seoplus+ clients are pleased with the content, which engaged its target audience and generated the hoped-for results.
  • Access to top-tier writers: The partnership with Crowd Content gave seoplus+ access to thousands of professional copywriters, including those who specialize in relevant niche areas. Crowd Content’s writers are trained to effectively utilize content briefs and incorporate crucial SEO elements into the deliverables. Plus, according to Kembo, it’s obvious that the writers are doing the research needed to write world-class content.
  • Personalized service: With a dedicated account manager, seoplus+ can count on clear communication, transparency, prompt availability and personalized service. The content engaged with the audience and generated results. In fact, when seoplus+ needed help finding the right copywriters to deliver the high-quality content it needed, their account manager hand-picked writers she knew could get the job done.
  • Platform functionality: One of Kembo’s favorite aspects of the partnership is the functionality of Crowd Content’s platform. Its easy-to-use interface lets the seoplus+ team see the capabilities of the writers it’s working with. Plus, the agency can filter writers based on their skill set and specialization so it can find professionals whose abilities align with its goals.
  • Quality assurance: Through Crowd Content’s multi-step process, which may include editing, SME review and a QA component, seoplus+ has been able to acquire publish-ready content. Revisions are done on the platform, something Kembo appreciates, and tools such as Copyscape ensure that the content the agency receives meets its stringent requirements.

When asked what she would recommend about Crowd Content, Kembo quickly answered, “Everything.”

Ultimately, Crowd Content has made it possible for seoplus+ to acquire the world-class content it needs at a price it can afford, and the agency is convinced that Crowd Content is the right solution for its needs. Since signing on for the service, the agency has never looked back.

Staying Competitive With Crowd Content: an FHE Case Study

Image showing case study: FHE health

As a cutting-edge mental health and substance abuse treatment center, FHE Health needs to regularly publish a high volume of SEO-optimized content to remain competitive. However, acquiring this type of niche content can be tricky. Here’s what Chris Foy, Content Manager and Webmaster for FHE Health, had to say about the challenges the center faced and how its partnership with Crowd Content resolved these pain points.

The Challenges of a Competitive Space

FHE provides mental health and substance abuse support to over one hundred individuals a month, through their multiple programs. In this space, it’s also one of the few providers that manages its own websites. However, to do so, FHE needs to drive a lot of traffic to ensure that the right clients can find the center and receive essential services. Consequently, the center runs it’s own innovative SEO operation. It also employs a single in-house writer, who’s familiar with the facility and what it does and can conduct in-person interviews.

Ultimately, however, FHE needed writers who could write well across a variety of topics, including medical- and science-focused issues. Chris explains that topics could potentially range from general concepts, such as the role of faith and religion in recovery, to specific areas, such as decoding mental health whitepapers. Having a single writer made it difficult to satisfy these niche content requirements, and hiring and managing a team of writers large enough to accommodate the volume of content needed was impractical. The center needed to be able to field these topics to a broad team of writers.

FHE also wanted a content solution that would be as hands-off as possible. Chris notes that managing a high volume of content, doing SEO research and providing writers with guidance can be time-consuming. The team wanted to be able to provide writers with a topic and instructions and receive high-quality content in return.

Crowd Content: the Obvious Choice

Although Chris doesn’t remember his introduction to Crowd Content, he’s used the platform over the years at multiple employers as well as for his occasional personal content writing needs. Because of these successful past partnerships, Chris found no need to explore other potential solutions. Whether FHE needs 500 words or several thousand, he believes he’ll get value and consistency through Crowd Content’s solution, making it a straightforward and easy choice to fill his team’s needs.

Reaping the Benefits of Crowd Content’s Hands-Off Solution

Crowd Content primarily provides SEO-focused copywriting services for FHE. Because the center requires a high volume of content, it sources articles multiple ways, with some orders going to its in-house writers, some placed through Crowd Content’s self-serve portal and the rest funnelled through the platform’s managed content side.

As the facility’s use of Crowd Content’s solution has ramped up from about 30 pieces a month to 70 or 80, Chris has been pleased with the benefits FHE has seen from the partnership. They include:

  • Hands-off content management: FHE often benefits from the hands-off nature of Crowd Content’s managed content side. Under the guidance of an account manager who knows FHE’s system and understands its brand, turnaround times are quick, changes are implemented quickly, and quality issues are addressed right away. This means Chris doesn’t have to provide monthly instructions.
  • A customized ordering system: Crowd Content helped FHE create a customized order summary system, which streamlines content ordering. To place orders, its account manager looks at a content calendar and order summaries provided by FHE. Essentially, Crowd Content works with FHE’s preferred system rather than making the client conform to the platform’s standard processes.
  • Self-serve options: With Crowd Content’s self-serve portal, FHE can create teams and tag its favorite writers, making it easier to place content orders with the right professionals. Currently, the center has locked in a group of writers who provide consistently high-quality content.
  • Access to skilled writers: Whether FHE places orders on the managed content side or opts for Crowd Content’s self-serve portal, it finds writers who have the skill set to deliver content in various niches and can write from the perspective of a mental health facility.
  • High-quality deliverables: Crowd Content consistently delivers articles that match the tone and quality Chris expects. On the managed content side, a dedicated Crowd Content account manager ensures the team of writers understands FHE’s brand so articles rarely require revision and can be integrated seamlessly with preexisting content on the website.
  • Quality control: Chris appreciates Crowd Content’s dedication to quality control. The platform’s editing services are baked into the managed side, reinforcing the high level of quality, so all articles meet the center’s strict standards.
  • Add-on services: The center recently added on an infographics package. In the past, FHE had worked with agencies to connect with creative professionals who could deliver infographics, but finding the right freelancers proved challenging, and deliverables often needed revisions. Through Crowd Content’s add-on solution, FHE got infographics delivered right alongside content, and the team has been thrilled with the quality.
  • Affordability: Crowd Content provides several tiers of services, so FHE is able to get the content it needs while respecting its budget.

Trying On Other Solutions

Although the partnership with Crowd Content had been a resounding success, FHE has shopped around for other solutions to perform due-diligence. However, after trying out other writing services to see if it might be an even better fit, the team quickly found the workflow and content quality far inferior to what they’d received through Crowd Content. Ultimately, the company decided that Crowd Content was still the right solution for FHE.

Seeing Results

According to Chris, FHE’s organic rankings are visibly responding to the influx of articles created and optimized by Crowd Content, and month-over-month growth of organic traffic has been steadily increasing. In fact, the FHE team has been blown away by how much the outsourced content has impacted the company’s organic presence and conversions. With a happy leadership team and a flourishing SEO plan, FHE knows that Crowd Content’s platform was the hands-off solution it needed to compete in the field’s competitive climate.

Case Study: How CraftJack Improved Website Traffic by 70% With Content Services

What is CraftJack / What is your role?

CraftJack is a lead generation company that connects general construction contractors with customers in their area. My name is Jaclyn, and I am the Senior SEO & content marketing manager. 

What challenges and/or obstacles inspired you to seek a content solution? 

Over the years, my role has shifted into something bigger than content writing. I moved from a content specialist into more of a strategy, SEO and project management role on top of content marketing. I have less time for writing than before. We’re growing as a company, and I have big ideas for our content marketing team, but I can’t reach those goals alone. I knew I needed extra hands, but we couldn’t hire an in-house writer or a freelancer.

Summarize the main points of frustration you faced

In addition to writing content, I needed to edit, too, another tedious but important task I was running out of time for. Editing will always fall at the bottom of the list, and that is where mistakes start to slip through. I didn’t know there was a solution that fit all my needs, and I felt stuck. I kept thinking, how do I get everything done without things falling through the cracks? 

What criteria were you looking for in a solution? 

I needed a solution that was easy to manage, flexible, personalized, and guaranteed high quality. It was critical that the content created was SEO-optimized and error-free. Crowd Content was easy; all I had to do was submit briefs, and the content manager took it from there. I loved that they had subject matter experts and editing services as well. 

Why did you choose Crowd Content?

What makes Crowd Content stand out from a traditional agency is its ability to understand and cater to our needs. They put in the effort to learn our business and goals in a way I had not experienced before. Their managed service with a dedicated content manager is an extension to our team—not a replacement. I also loved how flexible and customizable their process was. If we ever change our content needs, they adapt and pivot without issue, allowing us to scale content creation while maintaining exceptional quality. 

What specific results have you seen from Crowd Content? 

We’ve seen a lot of positive results, especially with our Spanish content. We service many Spanish-speaking contractors, but bridging that gap has been challenging since I don’t speak Spanish. Working with Crowd Content has helped us succeed in this new domain. The Spanish-language content Crowd Content produces performed exceptionally well on our site. Our blog has grown into one of our top drivers of conversions, and we’ve seen a 70% increase in organic traffic year-over-year.

Would you recommend Crowd Content? 

I’ve recommended Crowd Content to a few people already; in many cases, they don’t know where to start with content marketing. The team is fantastic at supporting the content creation process from start to finish. Crowd Content takes the challenges out of content marketing and content writing so our business can focus on what we need to be successful.

Case Study: How INK Exploded Organic Traffic in One Month

INK Case Study

Crowd Content exists to help clients create amazing content that drives results. 

We boast a roster of over 6,000 of the best freelance writers out there and some amazing technology that helps companies source high-quality content at scale.

With that in mind, we’re always looking for ways to help clients get even better content.

Several months ago, the folks at INK approached us to develop a partnership where our writers could leverage INK’s content optimization tool to create content that would rank better in Google. 

While they already had data showing that content optimized with their tool is more likely to rank well in Google, both companies wanted to show that INK is a tool that can drive SEO results at scale. Together, we designed an experiment where our writers crafted 64 optimized articles for INK’s blog in just over a month to measure the SEO results the tool and our writers could drive.

The results were impressive. INK’s blog saw over 1,700% growth in organic traffic in just a month, and they started ranking for over 10,000 keywords in Google’s US index.

Our entire process and results is documented in this case study. We know you’ll find it helpful. Be sure to reach out to us or INK if you’d like to chat more about it.

Here’s a quick recap of what’s in the case study.


INK is an AI-powered content performance optimization editor designed to help create better, more comprehensive content that ranks well in Google. It launched in October 2019 and quickly generated buzz by winning Product of the Month on Product Hunt.

The INK team wanted to start building out their site’s content and establish authority in their space while also showing that their tool drives real SEO results. They decided to create a large quantity of content optimized in INK to help them do this and reached out to us at Crowd Content to help.


INK’s team started where most content teams start — SEO.

  1. SEO Audit – their team analyzed their current performance in Ahrefs to establish a baseline for their traffic, keywords and estimated traffic value
  2. Keyword Research + Competitive Analysis – INK identified their top 15 SEO competitors and discovered their top ranking keywords that drove traffic. After identifying the highest value keywords they created a list of 64 topics they needed to create content for
  3. SEO Strategy – INK created briefs for each of the 64 topics and generated intent research using INK 

Once they had this info, they reached out to Crowd Content to create the content.

Content Creation

Using the SEO research that INK generated, we set to work crafting content that would meet all their requirements, including scoring over 91% in the INK editor. 

The process we followed included:

  1. Conducting a pre-project kickoff meeting with INK to formalize requirements and build creative briefs and a style guide
  2. Building a team of expert writers to tackle the project
  3. Training all writers on how to use the INK tool
  4. Getting the content written
  5. Editing all the content 
  6. Doing final quality assurance including ensuring INK scores were above 91%
  7. Delivering the content to INK for publishing

This is standard practice for our Enterprise writing service. For a more detailed look at this, be sure to download the full case study.


INK published these 64 articles in June 2020. They updated us on their SEO results one month later:

INK - organic blog growth in a month

Obviously, INK was thrilled to see such quick SEO results and their numbers continue to improve. 

What’s more impressive is that all they did was post the content. No link building, site optimization, or any other SEO tactics were used around this time period. 


This experiment worked. The combination of leveraging INK to optimize content written by top-notch freelance writers delivered amazing short-term results. And, it didn’t significantly strain INK’s internal resources since all writing and optimization was done by Crowd Content’s freelance writers.

Be sure to download the full case study for a more detailed look at how we accomplished this, and reach out to either Crowd Content or INK if you’d like to see if this approach would work for you.