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Selling Content Services

Mastering the art of closing a deal means proving you’re the perfect solution to a potential client’s challenges. With more than a decade of industry experience under our belt, we’ve perfected our closing system. Ready to learn our secrets?

selling content services

Crafting Your Content Services Sales Deck

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, the clarity and effectiveness of a sales deck are crucial for convincing potential clients of your agency’s value. Agencies often face significant challenges, such as ensuring content aligns with the client’s brand voice, maintaining high content quality, and delivering reliable production timelines. These concerns can make or break a client’s decision to trust an external provider.

This guide walks you through constructing a sales deck that addresses these common production pain points and demonstrates your agency’s proficiency in delivering scalable, high-ROI content solutions effectively. We’ll explore how a strategically assembled sales deck can alleviate client apprehensions and underscore your commitment to quality and consistency in content production.

content services sales deck

Crowd Content’s Additional Services

At Crowd Content, our foundation in high-quality writing, editing, and project management sets the stage for our comprehensive suite of additional services. These services seamlessly integrate into your existing framework, covering everything from SEO strategy to content brief creation, SME services, and custom graphics.

Crowd Content's additional services

The 4 Steps to Onboarding Success

The working session serves as the foundation, bringing together key stakeholders — the client, the content production manager, and the quality review specialist. It’s designed to establish alignment on the project’s core aspects, from the overarching purpose of the content to the specifics of production cadence and SEO requirements.

4 steps onboarding success