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Developing Project and Content Briefs

Equip your writing teams with resources built for their success. Our guide on developing content and project briefs does more than explain the importance of these documents. It provides actionable tips, guidelines, and templates and it includes a detailed table that helps you determine which components to include in your briefs along with best practices to ensure they’re effective.

developing project and content brief

Working Session Deck

Working sessions involve many questions and decisions — it can be difficult to stay on track. Use our working session deck to keep you on track and get alignment with your content client’s project and content details.

working session deck

Working Session Summary Template

During working sessions, critical decisions are made that impact how you’ll run your project and how the content should be crafted. Relying on yourself — and your client — to remember the details is a risky proposition. Use our Working Session Summary template to immediately record the details then send it off to the client for approval before building your workflows, writing your briefs, and training your writers.

General Content Working Session Agenda

Use our Working Session Agenda to help prepare your clients for the onboarding process. The agenda describes what they should expect, assigns some to-dos for them to complete, and gives them a brief look at what’ll be discussed during the working session. This agenda pairs perfectly with our Working Session Deck and Working Session Summary resources.

E-commerce Working Session Agenda

Our Working Session Agenda is designed specifically for onboarding clients with product, category, or brand description projects. It describes what you’ll discuss during the call and assigns some prep work for them to complete prior to the call. This agenda can be used with our Working Session Deck and Working Session Summary resources. 

Guide to Conducting Effective Working Sessions

The working session is easily the most critical part of the content client onboarding process. Done properly, it results in alignment in content structure, voice, SEO, style, and project logistics, resulting in a smooth calibration and shorter ramp-up period. Our guide describes the essential segments of a working session and offers some tips to help ensure your working sessions are effective.

Guide to Conducting Effective Content Production Working Sessions

Value Propositions for Content Creation Services

A value proposition is a brief statement introducing potential customers to the unique benefits of a particular product, service, or brand. Value propositions are powerful ways for content creation brands to demonstrate how their offerings are superior to the alternatives.

value propositions for content creation services

Mastering Content Service Sales Conversations

Having trouble addressing sales objections in the content marketing world? We’ve seen them all and know how to turn those roadblocks into revenue. Here’s a playbook of strategies we use to close deals and become trusted advisors for our clients.

content service sales conversations

Selling Content Services

Mastering the art of closing a deal means proving you’re the perfect solution to a potential client’s challenges. With more than a decade of industry experience under our belt, we’ve perfected our closing system. Ready to learn our secrets?

selling content services

Crafting Your Content Services Sales Deck

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, the clarity and effectiveness of a sales deck are crucial for convincing potential clients of your agency’s value. Agencies often face significant challenges, such as ensuring content aligns with the client’s brand voice, maintaining high content quality, and delivering reliable production timelines. These concerns can make or break a client’s decision to trust an external provider.

This guide walks you through constructing a sales deck that addresses these common production pain points and demonstrates your agency’s proficiency in delivering scalable, high-ROI content solutions effectively. We’ll explore how a strategically assembled sales deck can alleviate client apprehensions and underscore your commitment to quality and consistency in content production.

content services sales deck