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Product Reviews – Critical to eCommerce Success

Up to 85 percent of adults who research products and services online before making a purchase say they trust reviews on social and other platforms almost as much as they trust a personal recommendation from a friend. To start getting reviews for your products, you have to get them into the hands of real people — and that can be difficult if you don’t have many reviews yet. A professional review writing service might be the answer to this conundrum.

Freelance Writers Can Provide a Variety of Review Types

A product review writing service lets you fill review and testimonial tabs on a new website, publish long-form reviews and buying guides, get side-by-side comparisons pitting your products against those of competitors and publish blurbs about your products on social media.

Reviews come with a variety of benefits for you and potential customers.

  • Real-world illustrations of how the product or service provides benefits
  • Usercentric explanations of how various features work
  • Unbiased comparisons to show how your product is different from the competition
  • Enthusiasm for the product or service than can be catching

Order reviews and use the content however you want. Post it on your site, pull quotes for call-outs and testimonials, grab blurbs for your social accounts and incorporate the text into fun graphics for more engagement.

Tips for Taking Advantage of Crowd Content’s Review Writing Service

Place orders for reviews on our system and gain access to thousands of freelance writers. Crowdsourcing works great for product reviews because:

  • You’re more likely to find a writer familiar with your product or service.
  • You can get a variety of voices and perspectives for more organic-sounding reviews.
  • You can choose from writers experienced in your industry, which is important for B2B product reviews or buying guides.

How Do You Order From Our Service?

Decide whether you want a writer who has used your product. If so, you can post an order to the open marketplace — seen by potentially thousands of freelancers — asking for someone who has used the product.

If you want to provide access to your digital product or service to select freelance writers so they can write reviews, browse writers with the right industry experience and create a team.

For specialty reviews, work with your customer service rep to find the perfect writer for your project and place direct orders to them.

For even higher conversion rates and sales figures, consider pairing our review writing service with professional product descriptions from the Crowd Content workforce.

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