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Great insurance marketing content makes complex subjects accessible to consumers while positioning your business as a trustworthy authority on industry topics.

The majority of insurance consumers start their shopping journey online. Almost 70% conduct an online search as the first step to learning about insurance products, and many consumers compare policy options and insurance providers online before sliding further into the sales funnel.
Insurance businesses must show up for those searches to have a chance of converting prospective customers. High-quality insurance marketing content helps you improve SEO performance to do just that.
Discover more about insurance content below, including how Crowd Content’s insurance copywriting services can help you perform well in Google search results and drive increased conversions.

What Is Insurance Copywriting?

Insurance copy is any content that supports the efforts of a business or organization related to insurance. The goals of copywriting tend to be:

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To educate.

Insurance content should make complicated topics easily understood by your audience.

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To build trust.

Providing relevant, helpful content positions your brand as an authority, helping to create community and trust with your audience.

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To convert.

Some of your insurance content is built to sell or convert, including pages that describe products or services to those at the end of their buyer’s journey.

How Our Insurance Copywriting Services Make Your Content More Powerful

Our teams know how to create SEO-rich copy that provides value for the reader. We also have insurance subject-matter experts who can review content to ensure it meets E-E-A-T requirements. Our database of writers includes content creators with insurance credentials if you need the power of an expert byline, and our managed content teams can take content burdens off your shoulders by handling the process from ideation and project brief creation to graphic design and delivery of publish-ready copy.

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Types of Insurance Copywriting to Consider

A strong insurance content marketing strategy addresses all three phases of the buyer’s journey via a range of content types. These are some of the most common types of insurance copywriting. In most cases, you need most or all of these in your content strategy.

Insurance blog posts

Blog posts can be short- or long-form articles and posts that cover a variety of topics related to insurance, your business, or the community of consumers you want to attract. Think about how blog posts can relate to each other. One tried-and-true strategy is known as the content hub; you create a pillar post (a long, thorough piece of content) on a specific topic. Then you create shorter “cluster” pieces that expand on topics mentioned in the pillar post, ensuring you interlink all the posts to create a hub.

Practice area pages
Practice area pages are landing pages that help people understand the features and benefits of your services or products. These are sales pages. While you should always provide helpful, informative content, the goal of landing pages is to call the reader to action so they make a purchase, sign up for an email list, reach out to make an appointment or conduct some other desired action.

White Papers and Case Studies
These content types are critical for the B2B sales funnel. White papers position your product or service as a solution to problems experienced by your B2B audience, and case studies are data-heavy descriptions of real-life scenarios where your product or service solved a client’s specific problem.

Insurance glossaries
An insurance glossary includes definitions of terms related to your niche. Glossaries are helpful to people who are trying to educate themselves about insurance topics but may run into words or concepts they aren’t familiar with.

Insurance FAQs
FAQs, or frequently asked questions, are short content pieces that answer specific questions people might have. FAQs are especially powerful for SEO because they speak directly to consumer inquiries, which means Google may use them for answer boxes on the search engine results pages (SERPs). That helps you command more real estate in the SERPs, increasing traffic opportunities.

Blog content refreshes
By refreshing previously published content, you save a bit of time and marketing spend. You can reuse what’s still relevant and add new keywords, update facts and stats and add additional information to make the blog post competitive again.

Insurance website copy
Website copy can include your about us page, sales pages, home page and any other copy on your site. Your website copy should work seamlessly to support business goals and customers’ needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Copywriting

Insurance copywriters create marketing and other content for businesses and websites in the insurance niche. They follow client briefs and requirements to write high-quality content, often with an eye on search engine optimization to ensure content performs well in search engines.

You can search for insurance writers on professional sites like LinkedIn or hire them through freelance bidding sites. You can also work with agencies like Crowd Content. Our database of writers includes many highly qualified insurance writers, including some who have past experience and credentials in the niche.

The cost of insurance content depends on the scope and quality of the work. Factors that can impact the cost of content include whether you’re paying someone in-house full-time or paying only when you need content. Additional services, such as editing or subject-matter expert reviews, can increase the cost of content, though these services also tend to increase the quality of the content.

Crowd Content can help you create insurance content that meets Google E-E-A-T and YMYL requirements. Get started by ordering content directly from writers in our marketplace or reach out to find out how our managed content team can help.